Commercial Security Monitoring

Commercial Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is an essential part of any business, whether small or large. Offers many key advantages. In addition to these key advantages, there are many advantages that may be unique to your business model. MegaSystems Security would like to spend the time to understand your unique situation and apply a customized solution for you. Because Commercial Security Monitoring is essential to keeping your business safe. As far as key advantages, while the primary goal of security monitoring is crime deterrence. The benefits include safety of personnel, security of building to protect assets, tracking customer and employee traffic, tracking of product, insurance costs including prevention of insurance fraud, peace of mind, and more. 

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Safety of Personnel

Safety of personnel is a very important part of a business. And safety for employees and customers becomes a win on many different levels.  The primary objective of safety in the workplace is because nobody wants to see another person get hurt.  Human loss and suffering is immeasurable. Commercial Security Monitoring services can help your employees ease their minds. Because they will know their company’s management has their best interests in mind.  Safety helps the business by keeping it productive. Because safer employees will work better and more efficiently.  Safety also helps save the business money. Since there will be less (if any) workplace incidents. Which could cost the company money with legal situations which could arise.

Protection of Assets

The protection of company assets is perhaps the most intuitive reason to have Commercial Security Monitoring.  By securing the building and premises there will be a much lesser presence of criminal behavior.  Criminals almost always pick the easiest targets. So the goal is to make your business a not-so-easy target.  And if this goal can be achieved there will be a significant reduction in criminal activity.  Reduction of criminal activity simply has to do with reducing criminal motivation.

Tracking of Customers, Personnel, and Products

Beyond the basics of protection for your people and assets. There are benefits to tracking the traffic of your customers and/or employees. By tracking your customers you can do case studies as a business to identify where the business can be optimized.  These case studies can often lead to non-intuitive results. The expectations of customers are often very high. And if they’re not provided an excellent experience. They will often try their business somewhere else next time.  To keep your customers happy, tracking can help identify where the issues are.  Tracking employees can help you identify where internal issues are.  Privacy is not to be taken lightly either though. So it is important to ensure any tracking follows all ethical guidelines and regulations. 

Tracking of products is also a primary part of the benefits of tracking.  By knowing where your product is. Management can make more intelligent choices about logistics. Especially for warehouse-based applications.  Knowledge of product trafficking can give management greater awareness, and greatly improve efficiency.

Tracking and Monitoring You Security System

Insurance Cost

Insurance benefits are another reason why Commercial Security Monitoring is a great option.  With security monitoring your likelihood of fires, electrical, or other hazards becomes diminished.  This leads the companies ensuring your building to give you a discount on your premiums.  Since reductions in hazards make the office safer. It creates a situation where you’re far less likely to need to deal with workplace injuries.  Workplace injury reductions could lead to those insurance premiums also being reduced.  On the other hand, it will also reduce or eliminate workplace injury fraud.

Having Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is not to be underestimated.  When the busy lives of management already have 100 items on their to-do lists. Micro-managing your company becomes impractical if not impossible.  Management wants to find solutions, no problems. And having security monitoring will reduce the burdens on them. A better management helps promote an atmosphere for a better company.  With Commercial Security Monitoring you will be surprised how much better the overall business will flow, leading to new roads, and freeing up personnel to take on additional responsibilities. 

This peace of mind will extend to all personnel (whether management or non-management). And lead to all employees feeling much more focused on the work. 

Overall Needs

Typically a business wants Commercial Security Monitoring for several reasons. Overall, nearly all businesses will benefit several-times-over the cost of the application.  For an affordable cost, there is much to offer. And MegaSystems Security would like to consult with you to explain the tremendous benefits in store to meet your company’s needs. Give our friendly experts a call today at (713) 668-8818. To schedule your appointment today. Get you one step closer to securing your business.

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The first step you need to take when beginning to formulate an impenetrable system is to analyze where you currently stand with the security of your organization. Megasystems Security will do this by putting together a detailed report which will look at all different vulnerabilities of your building’s, taking into account the level of violence and crime in the neighborhood, and the security of neighboring businesses and buildings. Considering the layout of the property, the accessibility of exits for employees in the case of a fire event, the windows and doors that pose a risk. All this is in order to get an idea of the potential issues and possible pitfalls that you may come across so that you as a business owner can mediate your risk.
After compiling all the necessary data, a report will be delivered, listing personalized recommendations for how the security of the business could be improved to its utmost potential. This report will include many practical suggestions for keeping intruders and unwanted guests away.


Ballistic protection 

To ensure that your establishment and the employees within it are safe from potentially fatal criminal attacks, attention has to be given to making the building immune to firearms. Ballistic protection involves bulletproofing key entry points, doors, glass windows, walls and creating a safe designated area that people in the building will be able to take cover in an active shooter situation.

Bulletproof Glass

Since windows and any other areas that are made out of glass pose a high risk of penetration, it is imperative that access points made of bullet resistant glass. All regular glass windows and glass partitions should have special security film that holds the glass together in the event of detonation of an explosive device.

Security Bollards

Security bollards are another way to strengthen the security of your building. These unsightly steel posts, provide a multidimensional purpose. They physically block intruders from entering the property easily, especially in vehicles, and they give off an ominous visual presentation too which can deter potential thieves. They also protect pedestrians passing in front of the property from any vehicular attacks.

Fences and Gates

A simple and old-fashioned solution, fences and gates have always been used to enclose high-security areas. Nowadays there are so many options and ways to make these enclosures smart. Electronic gates, programmed to allow only qualified individuals entry, can keep intruders at bay.
Working with a Megasystems Security, you can determine which options work best for your unique needs. Depending on the nature of your property, you may opt for a harsher and more ominous deterrent such as barbed wire fences. If you want a more sophisticated appearance but a similar level of protection, another anti-climb fence such as an ornamental iron fence which also has protruding curved sharp points at the top may be a more suitable option.
If your business is equipped with a parking lot, having a gate in the parking lot is crucial. Parking lot gates come in an assortment of options, with possibilities such as an arm which acts as a barrier for vehicles who are denied access, as well as gates that slide or swing open and grant controlled access to qualified individuals.

Video Monitoring

Perhaps most important of all is having a properly installed security cameras system, to keep a 24-hour account every day of all the goings-on in the building and to instantly alert dispatch in the event of any suspicious activity.
As with many other security measures, this will serve the purpose of being able to pinpoint any criminals on video, dispatch police immediately to prevent theft, and also to deter possible burglars.
Megasystems offer a variety of different solutions for smart video monitoring services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Maintenance Program

Every security system, no matter how efficient, must be checked periodically and maintained to ensure that it is always functioning optimally. These checks should be regularly scheduled and never overlooked so that there are no glitches in the program. If even one element of a security system is faulty, the entire formula can collapse, and the security of the business is at risk. To avoid making your system vulnerable to malfunctions, it is wise to invest in a security plan that involves a security professional conducting routine inspections. It is recommended to schedule these checkups frequently, even every month if possible, and at the very least, annually. Megasystems Security will work with you based on the equipment you have to tailor the best maintenance program to cover your systems.