Security For Back-to-School Transition

Now that the kids are finally heading back to school (Yes, it’s ok to be happy) it is time to make sure your home security system has home automation features for daily use.

The right features can set you up for success for the school year before, during and after school hours. Many families are dealing with kids of different ages and different schedules which makes your security system is accessible remotely, such a valuable tool in keeping everyone safe and effectively allowing access where and when it is needed.
Whether you spend the day at home or at work you can make sure everyone’s access needs are being met while at the same time keeping your house and property safe.

Before School

During the morning rush, you might have many different needs to fill in the morning. Your spouse leaves to work with the car, your son takes his bike from the garage, the older kids grab their backpacks and head out the side door and your little ones go to the bus through the front door. How do you make sure each of those areas is secured and not left vulnerable for the rest of the day?
Through your mobile device, you can check on all these areas remotely to make sure they are all closed and locked. By setting up alerts you can also be notified if something that should be closed and locked is left open.

During School

During the day your property might be empty for extended periods of time, you don’t want to leave your home vulnerable when you’re not there. Having a good visible security system discourages theft and burglars from trying to enter your empty home.
With your system’s video capabilities, you can check on your home while away. You can also get alerts from motion sensors if there is movement in or around your property. If you are home with very young children, you will feel safer being able to watch your surveillance cameras of your property to ensure there are no unwanted guests. You can also observe your children sleeping or playing while you are not in their room. If you leave your kids or your home with a caregiver or maid your cameras can give you the extra assurance that things are safe and being handled in the way you expect.
Even if you are out for the day you can still give the illusion of being home by being able to answer the doorbell, this can make your home appear less vulnerable and less of a target for theft. Another great feature of your system is if you need to allow access to home repair personnel. You can allow temporary access to contractors and day workers on an as-needed basis while still maintaining the security of your home.

After School

Here’s another time where many different needs may be in place. If you have younger children coming home with a babysitter you want to be able to make sure they arrived home safely and that everything is going smoothly. If your older kids are coming home on their own, they can each have their own access codes so as to eliminate the hassle of remembering keys. If remembering a code is still too much of a hassle they can also just ring the bell and you can buzz them in, in this way you also get to keep tabs on them and make sure they are coming home safely and on time. When your teenagers come in later in the day you might want to have a way to ensure that you know who is coming home with them. Your security cameras allow you to have that extra measure of security of seeing who they are with and what they are up to.

Back to school is an exciting time, make sure you set your home security system to make it a safe and efficient school year.

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