Customize Your Home With Home Automation

Customize Your Home With Home Automation

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the click of one magic button can transform your home into the perfect setting for each of your daily moments? There is a button that does it all for you, no magic needed, It’s called Home Automation.

Imagine pressing one button when you leave your house in Houston and knowing your smart home has adjusted itself for maximum security and energy efficiency with home automation. Or when you wake up in the morning and you press this easy button and the house adjusts to help you with your morning wake up routine.

With our fabulous mobile app, you can instantly set your ‘scenes’ exactly the way you want them to be to best suit you and your families needs on a daily basis.

Each morning when you wake up

Each morning when you wake up you can enjoy a comfortable warm floor to step down on. An inviting temperature to do your morning routine too. The lights in the bathroom and kitchen or anywhere you usually need it go on.

When you leave the house

When you leave the house for work or errands, with one push of a button all the lights in the home can turn off. The garage door can close. The thermostat adjusts for energy efficiency. The doors will lock and all sensors and security systems will be armed.

When you come home

When you come home you want the outside lights to be on, the temperature to be comfortable. The lights in the hallway on and the garage door to open.
All of these options are available with your efficient and updated automated smart home security system app. A smart home is no longer considered a luxury. It is available at affordable prices to the average American homeowner. Many families have seen how much safer and more efficient their lives are when their home is automated to suit their ever-changing needs. People have kids, pets, extended family or friends, as well as valuables they want to take care of and keep safe. A smart automated home can enhance and help so much with those goals.

Automated security system

How do you know what is the best automated security system for your needs? We can help you figure that out. Each family has a specific individual security needs and access goals for their lifestyle. We would guide you through the process to see which features are most important for you. With our smart access control added to your home automation, each of your kids can have their own entry code for convenient entry. Your temporary visitors or service people can have restricted entry codes which work only at certain times and can expire if needed.

We have great options for crime deterrent

Smart outdoor lights that turn on when it gets dark or when your doorbell detects motion, visible security cameras, smart video doorbells. Smart video doorbells let you answer the door remotely by being able to see, hear and speak to the visitor at the door. With our smart alerts setting, you can control what alerts you receive for peace of mind. If you want to know if a door is left open, your kids have arrived home safely, your housekeeper has kept her schedule as planned, these alerts can let you know if all is well or if something is, unfortunately, amiss and needs to be dealt with. You might wonder how you lived without home automation.

A smart thermostat is a great feature

You know it’s better to sleep at a cool temperature but you don’t want to be cold when it’s time to get out of bed and get dressed. No worries, your smart home thermostat will adjust the temperature of your home so that your first step in the morning feels warm and cozy, you can also adjust the temperature remotely to make sure your home office is not too hot or cold if you plan to work in there when you get home.

With so many amazing and customizable features isn’t it time your home was a smart home.

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