Home Automation For The Winter

Home Automation For The Winter

Use home automation this winter

Here we are, deep into Fall. Leaves are changing and dropping from the trees and frost is beginning to appear on our cars windshield’s in the mornings. Just weeks ago, it was so hot we needed Air Conditioning and now, it’s a daily struggle to decide when to turn the furnace on (because when you do, and then it gets hot again, it’s so annoying!)

As I was pondering this problem and thinking about how I might be able to find a better way to deal with this problem, I realized that in fact, better ways have come a really long way with home automation!

Used to be, that you had an old thermostat that you adjusted manually and there was no way of moderating how it was set, except standing in front of it and changing the temperature. Then came programmable thermostats that could be set for different temperatures at different times, on different days of the week. That made it possible to save money on electricity by not overheating when the house was empty and not under-heating at times the house was full. You could set your thermostat to your routines.

Today though, WOW! With Home Automation you can set your thermometer at any time of your day and night from your smart phone. Even better, you can set your thermostat to interact with information from the local weather forecasts so that it can react appropriately in changing circumstances!

The same smart phone app that allows you to manage your furnace and A/C also allows you to manage your lighting, a major advantage at this time of year, when its dark early and light late. You can always come home to a bright and well lit house that is comfortably heated no matter what time of day it is. All of this can be connected with a house’s security system, as well.

For example, your system can recognize when the rhythms of your house have anomalies. Like when your garage door gets left open, or when a door or window is opened unexpectedly. Notifications are sent to you and you can control these events from your phone, whether you are in bed, or away from home, after checking with your cameras that all is well.

With the Winter Holidays coming up, here are some things to keep in mind about security at this time of year. Soon, Black Friday and Monday will happen, resulting in massive numbers of package deliveries and in addition, the possibility of those will poor intentions watching garbage, to see who has new computers, TVs and other high end equipment.

Who is at the door?

Your security system can allow you to check who is at the door, without exposing yourself to unwanted guests, as well as motion activated sensors for areas where deliveries are normally left. Additionally, with your security system, you can give access to anyone you want to your home from your phone, even if you are not present, by creating a specialized access code. You could create one for a neighbor to bring in a package, or indeed, if they were willing, even the delivery person!

Your home security system is enabled to maximize efficiency and access when you want it and not when you don’t. Protect your home, your environment and your things, as well as your people!

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