Home control from within or on-the-go

Home control from within or on-the-go

A smart home is a connected home. You can be connected to your home from within or on-the-go.

A smart home in Houston is a safer home. When you can control, and be aware of, exactly what is going on in your home, you can make sure to keep it safe and secure for your families needs.
There are many amazing features of a smart home security system. From controlling and automating lighting, temperature, security and more, today’s systems are truly customizable to fit each individual household.

Here are a few scenarios to demonstrate how a smart home features on your security system can make your family’s life easier, safer and more efficient.

An elderly parent – If you have a senior living on your premises you want to be assured that they are okay when you are not there to physically check on them. With video surveillance and voice accessibility, you can check in on them as needed. You can also have alerts set up so you know if they left the premises when they shouldn’t have. Another useful feature is the ability to unlock the door if a caretaker is coming to take care of the elderly family member. You can also have alerts set up if the caregiver did not show up as planned thus allowing you to truly care for others even while not there.

An infant or young children – When you leave a young child with a caregiver in Houston you take great care to research recommendations to ensure your youngster will be safe. For even greater peace of mind you can have cameras and video surveillance as well as voice over capabilities to constantly check up and in on what is going on with the children. Even when you are at home you may want to check on your children whether they are asleep or playing in the backyard. There are opportunities to make child-raising more safe and efficient with your smart home security system.

Older children and teens – When your kids have their own access codes to your home it allows you the knowledge of knowing where they are at all times. It also allows for convenience when everyone has a different schedule. You can be notified if a child comes home earlier than they should be thus alerting you if your child may be playing hooky from school or is sick. You can also set up a no-show alert to quickly notify you if one of your kids did not come home when expected. The video surveillance feature allows you to see if your children have brought friends home with them and what they are up to.

Romantic moments – A smart home security system allows you to integrate many different systems of your home in one place. When you’re coming home with a romantic partner you can program the temperature and lighting to fit the mood upon your entrance right from your smartphone.

Vacation – When going away to relax the last thing you want to do is worry about your house. With the right alerts and automated settings, you can rest assured that your home is safe. From thermostats, security sensors and even water leak detectors your home can notify you if any problems arise while you’re away. When returning from vacation you can make sure your temperatures and lights are set to welcome you just the way you want it.