Latest Innovations in Security

Latest Innovations in Security

Do you take advantage of all the amazing features your home or business security system can come with? There are so many new and advanced features to add to your system to make sure you get the most out of it.

From a simple entry keypad and motion sensor, surveillance cameras and security systems have come a long way. Yes, your old security system will let you into your Houston and surrounding areas home or business with the right keypad pin but is that all you want from your security system? The latest innovative technology in the home and business security offers many helpful, useful and safety features you should consider.


Not all areas of your home or business are lit at all times. Night vision can be your eyes in the dark. With night vision security cameras you have help in protecting your assets, from theft to intruders. You’ll have evidence of any unauthorized activity at your business site after-hours when you’re not around. It is also great for monitoring activity inside and outside your home when it’s dark, whether it’s your yard or your kid’s bedrooms.


What a wonderful feature license plate recognition can be. This CCTV camera requires specialized software with intelligent traffic modes built in to capture an identifiable license plate on a still or moving vehicle. Not only can you use this to identify an intruder or unauthorized vehicle, it can also be used to allow access to authorized personnel to your parking structure at your business or home.


High-resolution cameras give you the ability to see more details. A blurry picture of a person won’t give you the ability to identify who the person is. With high-resolution cameras you can see a clear facial image to make out who the person is so you can identify an intruder and take measurable action or see that your child’s friend is at the door and allow them in.


With the convenience of storing your surveillance recordings on the cloud, you not only can access it from anywhere but your data is also more secure. Whether you like to keep your data for short term, 1 week for your home or long term, 6 months or more for your business, you can access your information whenever you need it from wherever you are. With the storage being on the cloud, you do not have to be afraid of the system getting broken or vandalized because you’re not using the cameras memory stick, rather data storage and playback are safely stored on your online account.


Probably one of the best innovations in business and home security is remote accessibility. Everything we do, all the features your system includes can all be accessed by the push of a button anywhere you are. You can access your video storage, check if any windows or doors have been left open, watch your kids or employees as they work, adjust your temperature, get alerts for water leaks, adjust your lights as needed etc. on any computer, phone or tablet. Not just is it remotely accessible but it is also remotely controlled. All your features come with the possibility to be controlled via the remote access app. You can unlock, lock or close your door as needed. You can get alerts for things you set up, like extreme temperatures, water leaks, lights staying on or doors staying open when unwanted. You can adjust your lights, temperatures and other security allowance feature from your app no matter your location. It can also help you appear as if you’re home even when you aren’t to dissuade unwanted intruders.

Call us if you are interested in adding any of the features in this article to your current system or if you are looking to for a new security system in Houston and surrounding areas (Tanglewood, Galleria, Heights, Saddlewood, Memorial Villages, Memorial Park  and many more!).

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