Monitored Security Systems

Monitored Security Systems

What does Monitored Security Systems consist of? If you are a homeowner or business owner looking into a security system, you are going to inquire about Monitored Security Systems. Security systems that are monitored simply mean that it is a system that is not only monitored by you, but also monitored by a security systems company. There are companies that not only install your cameras but also ensures it is functioning properly. MegaSystems Security installs all your security system needs but also ensures that it is being monitored all the time. We act as a second pair of eyes to assure that your business or home is safe and protected.

You are probably thinking that having a security system is keeping you safe enough. But, really it is not enough. You want to have eyes on your home or business 24/7. And having Monitored Security Systems ensures that someone is always looking out for you when you don’t have the time.

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Why Get a Monitored Security Systems

Security systems will provide you with more safety and security than just a locked door, but having a monitored system will provide you with even more security. And in today’s world, there is no such thing as having too much security and protection. Monitored systems will provide an abundance of benefits including-

  1. A monitored system is one that is linked to a service that can summon appropriate help immediately. So, when you are not at your home and business, someone else is watching and can call help immediately if they suspect anything criminal activity occurring.
  2. Out of town peace of mind. You are not always in your home or business. Which is why a monitored system is the second pair of eyes.
  3. Lower home insurance costs. Most insurance carriers offer a substantial benefit to properties that have professionally installed security systems. So, not only is your security system providing safety, but could be saving you money in the long run also.
  4. Early fire and smoke detection. Most security systems nowadays include smoke and heat detectors that are monitored 24 hours 7 days a week. Even if your alarm system is not armed, fire and smoke will be detected early and help will be sent.

The Facts of Monitored Security Systems

Research shows that a burglary in a home or business in the United States occurs almost every 13 seconds. That is a staggering rate and it is one of the main reasons why Monitored Security Systems are becoming necessary in homes and businesses. Nowadays is it not enough to have a bolted door and locked windows and research shows that-

  • 2 million burglaries are reported in the United States every year and more than half of those burglaries are never solved.
  • 66% of burglaries are residential break-ins and 34% are commercial break-ins.
  • Homes and businesses without any security system and 3x more likely to be broken into.
  • Roughly 30% of break-ins result in assault.

Research shows that vandalism and theft occur so frequently that you would not even know when it is happening. Which is why a monitored system would be so beneficial. With a monitored system, it would be seen immediately that something criminal is happening and authorities would be sent right away. Protecting you and your assets.

Questions You Can Ask a Monitoring Service Company

If you are still on the fence whether or not you think a monitored system is necessary for your home or business. Most monitored service companies will take the time to answer any questions you may have over the phone before scheduling an initial appointment. We have put together some questions for you to become more familiar with Monitored Security Systems, along with the services a company may offer.

  1. What are the benefits of having a monitored system?
  2. What does the installation cost? 
  3. Can you explain the length of the monitoring contract?
  4. Do you offer warranty plans?
  5. If I move, can I transfer everything?
  6. If I want to cancel at any time, what are the fees?
  7. Are you an authorized dealer?
  8. Will the system still work if the power goes out?
  9. What different systems do you offer?
  10. What system is the most popular that you install?

Having a monitored system is an investment in your safety and you want to make sure that you are working with a company that you can trust with your life. So, do not be afraid to ask many questions and become familiar with the different options a company may offer. You can reach out to many companies to find what company you think is the best.

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Monitored Security Company

MegaSystems Security is the leading Monitored Security System offered in Houston. We will understand your overall needs and help you understand why having a monitored system is so crucial. We are here to protect you against outside threats and ensure that your security system is always the best technology available. There is no wondering if your home or business is being burglarized with MegaSystems Security. Because we are there 24/7 assuring your safety. Call our friendly experts today at 713-668-8818 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. And explain all the systems we have to offer. Don’t wait another day to feel safe and instead have MegaSystems Security be your protection.

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The first step you need to take when beginning to formulate an impenetrable system is to analyze where you currently stand with the security of your organization. Megasystems Security will do this by putting together a detailed report which will look at all different vulnerabilities of your building’s, taking into account the level of violence and crime in the neighborhood, and the security of neighboring businesses and buildings. Considering the layout of the property, the accessibility of exits for employees in the case of a fire event, the windows and doors that pose a risk. All this is in order to get an idea of the potential issues and possible pitfalls that you may come across so that you as a business owner can mediate your risk.
After compiling all the necessary data, a report will be delivered, listing personalized recommendations for how the security of the business could be improved to its utmost potential. This report will include many practical suggestions for keeping intruders and unwanted guests away.


Ballistic protection 

To ensure that your establishment and the employees within it are safe from potentially fatal criminal attacks, attention has to be given to making the building immune to firearms. Ballistic protection involves bulletproofing key entry points, doors, glass windows, walls and creating a safe designated area that people in the building will be able to take cover in an active shooter situation.

Bulletproof Glass

Since windows and any other areas that are made out of glass pose a high risk of penetration, it is imperative that access points made of bullet resistant glass. All regular glass windows and glass partitions should have special security film that holds the glass together in the event of detonation of an explosive device.

Security Bollards

Security bollards are another way to strengthen the security of your building. These unsightly steel posts, provide a multidimensional purpose. They physically block intruders from entering the property easily, especially in vehicles, and they give off an ominous visual presentation too which can deter potential thieves. They also protect pedestrians passing in front of the property from any vehicular attacks.

Fences and Gates

A simple and old-fashioned solution, fences and gates have always been used to enclose high-security areas. Nowadays there are so many options and ways to make these enclosures smart. Electronic gates, programmed to allow only qualified individuals entry, can keep intruders at bay.
Working with a Megasystems Security, you can determine which options work best for your unique needs. Depending on the nature of your property, you may opt for a harsher and more ominous deterrent such as barbed wire fences. If you want a more sophisticated appearance but a similar level of protection, another anti-climb fence such as an ornamental iron fence which also has protruding curved sharp points at the top may be a more suitable option.
If your business is equipped with a parking lot, having a gate in the parking lot is crucial. Parking lot gates come in an assortment of options, with possibilities such as an arm which acts as a barrier for vehicles who are denied access, as well as gates that slide or swing open and grant controlled access to qualified individuals.

Video Monitoring

Perhaps most important of all is having a properly installed security cameras system, to keep a 24-hour account every day of all the goings-on in the building and to instantly alert dispatch in the event of any suspicious activity.
As with many other security measures, this will serve the purpose of being able to pinpoint any criminals on video, dispatch police immediately to prevent theft, and also to deter possible burglars.
Megasystems offer a variety of different solutions for smart video monitoring services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Maintenance Program

Every security system, no matter how efficient, must be checked periodically and maintained to ensure that it is always functioning optimally. These checks should be regularly scheduled and never overlooked so that there are no glitches in the program. If even one element of a security system is faulty, the entire formula can collapse, and the security of the business is at risk. To avoid making your system vulnerable to malfunctions, it is wise to invest in a security plan that involves a security professional conducting routine inspections. It is recommended to schedule these checkups frequently, even every month if possible, and at the very least, annually. Megasystems Security will work with you based on the equipment you have to tailor the best maintenance program to cover your systems.