Who Needs a Robust Physical Security Solution?

Who Needs a Robust Physical Security Solution?

Storage facilities, warehouses, health care companies, and schools must protect their physical assets

By Guy Mizrahi, President, Megasystems Security

For many businesses, success or failure revolves around the items that they produce and the goods that they move. They are asset based businesses, and protecting one’s property can be challenging, even more so during these uncertain economic times. So, for such organizations, building the business starts with finding technology solutions that safeguard the Company Jewels.

An organization’s physical assets are constantly under attack.  In the U.S. larceny is the most common crime with over 5.2 million cases reported in 2018. With 33 million Americans now unemployed, and the numbers rising as the Covid 19 pandemic rages on, the likelihood of theft of or damage to your property seems to be growing.

Find Your Niche

So, corporations in asset intensive markets need to safeguard the business. Industries, such as storage and warehouses, are targets simply because of the volume of goods they have on site.

Other verticals, like education and health care, need strong physical security because of industry regulations. Here is a look at a few markets in need of strong surveillance systems.

  • Storage Facilities are in the physical asset business, basically acting as guardians of other individuals’ equipment and goods
  • Warehouses act as go-betweens from manufacturing sites to a product’s ultimate destination, either a retail shelf or home delivery
  • Health care facilities need to ensure that medication makes its way properly into the hands of patients in need They also must sequester areas of the building to insure that only authorized personnel make their way into and out of restricted areas.
  • Schools need to provide a safe haven for children and also protect their own assets from malicious and capricious students.

Surveillance System Requirements

These organizations need sophisticated, cost effective cameras to survey the immediate area and record what occurs at any moment, day or night, no matter what the lighting conditions are like. They need such records, so they can follow up expeditiously on any incident. Once the images are captured, they require robust network connections to carry the video traffic to where it can stored and later sorted and acted upon.

Today, surveillance solutions offer more than just video recording of events. If a break-in occurs, a company wants to catch the perpetrators. New solutions from vendors, like Hikvision license plate capture systems enable businesses to collect information that leads to a suspect’s arrest.

If a problem arises, alerting those on site is helpful. PAs system helps to keep employees and visitors informed about events whenever a crisis arises.

Where to Turn for Help?

So what should companies in these markets do in order to find the right system? They need to find a partner capable of understanding their needs and translating them into a robust, cost effective solution. Megasystems Security is available to help. Their small, dedicated, family-owned and family-run team has been helping Houston-area businesses deploy the right solutions for more than two decades. We will take the time needed to know you and your business and find the right fit.

About the Author

Guy Mizrahi is a seasoned business and consumer electronics professional with more than two decades of technical and managerial experience. He held various executive positions at top electronics store chains. In 2010, Guy founded Megasystems Security and built the firm into a leading Houston area supplier of high end business and consumer electronics and security solutions