Security Cameras

Security Cameras and Installation Services in Houston

How do you choose the right cameras system?

CCTV cameras technology is one of the fastest changing and growing industry. At Megasystems Security we keep up with the technology are always looking out for the next best thing that is available and that will benefit our clients. With so many technologies that were recently introduced to the market choosing the right Houston surveillance cameras could be very challenging. IP cameras, Cloud Cameras, Coaxial HD or Wireless cameras are some of the options that are available in the market place today. Each camera technology has its advantages, however each project is different and the solution should be carefully tailored to meet the client needs. There are a lot of considerations that are taking place when designing a good CCTV system. Such as camera placement location, night vision, resolution, lenses and length of recording. Given our experience installing 100s of CCTV solutions over the years, Megasystems Security has established itself as a leader for Houston surveillance camera and security system design. Give us a call today for an onsite consultation.

How do I access my camera system and recordings?

Whether you are at home or away you can always view your home or business, it’s only one click away. All of  our Houston surveillance cameras include a quick and easy to use remote access app. The app to connect to the cameras works with any smart phone or tablet such as IPhone, IPad and Android devices.Software or using web browser is another way that you can watch live feed or play back from your cameras. Megasystems will make sure that you have more than one way to connect to your Houston surveillance cameras and overall security system.

How long my data for the cameras is stored?

At Megasystems security we understand the importance of data storage and playback. We work with each client to understand his unique Houston security system’s needs. Each system that we design can be tailored to contain as much as 1 week to 6 month or more of playback data. Call us today for an onsite consultation.

License Plate Cameras

License plate capture cameras, also known as license plate recognition / LPR cameras, are a specialized CCTV camera that has built in software to help identify and record license plates on still or moving vehicles. Intelligent traffic modes built into specialized license plate recognition cameras allows the camera to compensate for speed, weather, and headlight issues which all make it challenging to capture a usable video that identifies license plates. ***license plate recognition requires special cameras and the absolute right placement to be able to capture license plates. Call us for a consultation about Houston license plate cameras.

Night Vision Cameras

Most security cameras come with night vision, which allows them to still see things even if it's pitch black outside. However, there are a lot of night Vision technologies that have been introduced to the market. The right camera will be specified to you based on location, light condition and camera placement. Call us for more info about Houston night vision surveillance cameras.