The first step you need to take when beginning to formulate an impenetrable system is to analyze where you currently stand with the security of your organization. Megasystems Security will do this by putting together a detailed report which will look at all different vulnerabilities of your buildings, taking into account the level of violence and crime in the neighborhood, and the security of neighboring businesses and buildings. Considering the layout of the property, the accessibility of exits for employees in the case of a fire event, the windows and doors that pose a risk. All this is in order to get an idea of the potential issues and possible pitfalls that you may come across so that you as a business owner can mediate your risk. After compiling all the necessary data, a report will be delivered, listing personalized recommendations for how the security of the business could be improved to its utmost potential. This report will include many practical suggestions for keeping intruders and unwanted guests away.


Perhaps most important of all is having a properly installed security camera system, to keep a 24-hour account every day of all the goings-on in the building, and instantly alert dispatch in the event of any suspicious activity. As with many other security measures, this will serve the purpose of being able to pinpoint any criminals on video, dispatch police immediately to prevent theft, and also to deter possible burglars. Megasystems offer a variety of different solutions for smart video monitoring services that can be tailored to your specific needs.


Every security system, no matter how efficient, must be checked periodically and maintained to ensure that it is always functioning optimally. These checks should be regularly scheduled and never overlooked so that there are no glitches in the program. If even one element of a security system is faulty, the entire formula can collapse, and the security of the business is at risk. To avoid making your system vulnerable to malfunctions, it is wise to invest in a security plan that involves a security professional conducting routine inspections. It is recommended to schedule these checkups frequently, even every month if possible, and at the very least, annually. Megasystems Security will work with you based on the equipment you have to tailor the best maintenance program to cover your systems.

Security Cameras

Megasystems Security offers the finest in high-performance security cameras for both home and businesses across Houston. We specialize in remote monitoring with state-of-the-art, high-definition cameras that help protect everything that is important to you. Full suite of security camera products available at the best prices in Houston.

Access Control Systems

The power is at your fingertips Megasystems Security provides the most customizable access control systems in Houston. We always build access control systems that fit the needs of Houston businesses in regard authorization, authentication, access approval, and audit.

Alarm Systems and Monitoring

A Security Monitoring Tailored Precisely to Meet Your Needs Whether you are looking to upgrade your current alarm system and monitoring, or you want the peace of mind that added security and protection offers, MegaSystems provides its customers ultimate reassurance with the best alarm monitoring services in Houston. We offer the fastest response times and zero downtime and our comparable prices can’t be beaten.

Intercom Systems

Make communication quick, clear, and convenient with a new state-of-the-art Intercom System professionally installed by Megasystems Security. Whether for your home or business in Houston, intercom systems provide.

Structured Cabling

Everything You Need Under One Roof Save money and time on your home or business security solutions in Houston with Megasytems Security. We offer a full service security solution all under one roof that has low voltage wiring - vital in laying out a security or surveillance roadmap.

Commercial Security

Corporate crime rates are at all time highs. Don’t let your business become a victim and another statistic. High quality commercial security solutions in Houston are a vital and sound investment. Find out why Megasystems Security are Houston’s premiere commercial and business security company in Houston and what we can do to protect your assets and your interests whilst you grow your business by clicking here.