Access control systems in your businesses office enhances your company security. With an access control system, it enables you to manage the flow of employees and visitors throughout your physical site. In large buildings, intruders and burglars sometimes go unnoticed because they can appear in different forms, such as staff or visitors. An access control system installed in your facility can detect and prevent intrusions. 

The simple lock and key system no longer efficiently provide high-level security to your commercial buildings. Access control is an effective and efficient method of ensuring that you restrict people from accessing certain building areas. It allows you control certain personnel’s access to specific physical or virtual resources.

There are two main types of access control systems, such as physical control and logistical access. The first one restricts access to physical assets, such as buildings and rooms, and the second one limits access to computers, data, and system files.

An access control system with two-factor authentication is the most secure option for companies. It requires two persons to enter credentials (PIN, access code, or biometric reading) in the system simultaneously to access a room, computer, or any asset. The system will allow access upon authenticating your identity. 

The Importance of Access Control Systems

Building security is one of the most common concerns for businesses in Dallas, TX. An access control system is essential to providing an added layer of security to the business.

Companies recognize they have access control issues and look for sophisticated and effective solutions. However, the solution is installing an effective and efficient access control system.    

Control who has access to your building

Megasystems Security offers a customized access control system to your business and will always be able to meet and exceed your needs and requirements. An access control system can be tailored toward your needs to allow you to control who can access certain areas at specific times of the day or week.

Our unique access control systems help you customize internal and external doors to your specific needs, which enables you to allow authorized personnel to access certain areas and restrict access in other areas. With such a system, you can monitor the presence of employees in the office.

Reduce employee theft

Every business owner in Dallas wants their employees not to steal from them. Research shows that 75% of employees steal from their companies at least once. Installing an access control system on office premises can completely prevent theft. It hinders theft by prohibiting your workers from accessing the building outside their scheduled shifts or during off-hours.

Although your employees will do their best to lock doors, unfortunately the absence of locking doors are possible. When your staff forgets to lock certain doors, it can put your property, employees, and assets at risk. Thus, the need to hire a professional company to install a high-quality access control system in your office which allows scheduled lockout or opening of specific doors.

Assets and equipment safety

Our professionally installed access control system will provide peace of mind in terms of keeping your assets and equipment safe. Access control systems are valuable to businesses that work with hazardous equipment.

With an access control system tailored to meet your needs this will ensure the ability to avoid industrial accidents from occurrence. Our access control systems installed on your premises will ensure that unauthorized and unwanted personnel do not have access to certain areas of the building where hazardous material or valuable belonging are stored. 

Increased automation

Many companies hire our access control installation services to automate their security systems. If you want the building doors to open at 9:00 am and lock at 5:00 pm automatically, installing an access control system can reduce hassle for you.

You can also integrate your HVAC and lighting system with the access control system to ensure heating, cooling, and lighting turn “ON” at designated times when workers and visitors are in different areas of the building. Automation through access control systems can make things easier for your business as well as reduce energy costs.

Elimination of rekeying problems

Sometimes, when your employee loses his or her keys, you will have to give them new keys. Similarly, when you fire an employee, and he does not give the keys back, you will have to rekey the doors to secure the office and assets.

The main disadvantage of rekeying is that it is not cost efficient. An access control system is a much better solution. For instance, when you terminate an employee, you can change the PIN, access code, etc., to avoid key redistribution.    

Why Choose Our Access Control Solutions

Our comprehensive access control systems allow business owners to monitor, manage, and control their business facilities from anywhere and at any time. Monitoring your workplace 24/7 is crucial for security and reliability. However, it is not easy to be everywhere at once, so having centralized access control system that provides monitoring for all your sites is crucial.

Our service includes installing an access control system in your business facility which allows for on-site physical security of assets, employee schedule verification, off-hours operations and protocol management, and customer experience management. We can design and install customized access control systems, including door systems based on biometrics, RFID, PINs, key fobs and HID cards, and cloud technology that best fits your monitoring needs.

Megasystems Security uses the latest, cutting edge cloud access control technologies to secure your business property and employees. We have a team of dedicated security professionals who have many years of experience in the access control industry. Our dedicated and skilled staff can design, install, and maintain a wide variety of access control systems with credentials ranging from magnetic strips to cutting-edge biometric devices and smart cards.