Need an Office Access Control System in Dallas?

Your office facility is the place where you house your valuables. Threats come in many forms, so you need to protect them. Hiring someone to stand guard 24/7 is expensive and impractical. The right access control system takes on that work. It rebuffs outsiders with bad intentions but welcomes your valued customers and guests.

These systems are convenient and easy to use. They deliver real time monitoring, so you respond to a problem quickly and mitigate any potential damage instantly. You do not have to be in the office to be informed or to act. Notifications are sent to you, and changes made wherever you may be with whatever device you feel most comfortable with.

You need to find the right system. That task has become more challenging because these solutions increase in variety, sophistication, and breadth daily. You must concentrate on your business, so keeping pace with non-stop technology changes is time consuming.

MegaSystems Security will address your concerns. We will work with you and select, install, and support your system. With us you get not only the right technology fit but also peace of mind because your assets are protected 24/7. Let’s take a closer look at the key features in access control solutions in Dallas.

Access Control System Components

Access control system consist of three elements that work together to safeguard property. The controller is the brain of the operation, the locks create the secure perimeter, and various devices provide entry.


a central control panel is where you set the access rules for your facility. They empower you to provide individuals with entry to all or part of your facility. You also create accounts, and view reports illustrating entry and exit point activity during the day, week, or month. These solutions come with modern conveniences, such as remote management and input via your iPhone. The flexibility extends to system configuration. Access control systems are packaged as a stand-alone device or software running on one of your servers.

Automatic Locks

The guardians at the gate: your electric strike or magnetic locks open and close on command and enforce your central policies. Electric strikes are inexpensive and familiar: they usually lock ATM doors. Magnetic locks work well with glass or aluminum doors. To secure your parking areas, you choose between full overhead doors or simple swing gates.

Access Device

A key part of the system: they provide employees with entry to the building. These devices offer you flexibility and convenience. You choose from several types of card readers, keypads, and biometric scanners The proximity cards are either credit card sized passes or fobs, which fit on a key chain. Users simply wave them when they are near the reader, locks are released, and they enter the building.

Cloud System Benefits in Dallas

Anytime Anywhere Access

Recently, We delivered cloud-based Access Control Systems. Traditionally, businesses installed on premise systems that customers maintained. Cloud offers several potential advantages: it enables you to manage your controls anytime from anywhere and from any device. You do not need to be on site; all you need is Internet access, and changes become possible with a few clicks.

Simple System Management

Cloud offloads maintenance functions from your IT team. Megasystems Security takes care of the solution from its implementation throughout its lifecycle. We manage all system upgrades, patches, fixes, and problems. Rather than allocate staff to keep your systems running, you can use them for more strategic projects.

Failure Free

Cloud systems are resilient. They do not have a single point of failure. Cloud has multiple access and egress points.

Easy Expansion

Scalability is another potential benefit. You can start small and expand as your business grows. Traditionally, each controller had a maximum number of end points supports. Once you reach that number, you either upgrade to a higher performing system or add another controller. With cloud, corporations do not worry about the network hardware. They expand their system as fast and as much as needed via software, usually by entering a few simple commands.

Setting Security Access Levels

Owners would not visitors wandering the facility and poking around in areas, like the computer room or the accounts payable department. Access systems offer owners flexibility in setting controls, so individuals have different levels of privilege. These products ensure that each user only has access to the area necessary to perform their respective tasks, and they prevent access to resources that are not relevant to the user.

Leading Edge Access Control Services in Dallas

Why should a select company MegaSystems Security? We are a one-stop destination for Access Control Systems in Dallas Tx. We work with industry leaders, so our systems provide top levels of security, include robust features, are simple to use, and fit your budget. We have certified technicians with many years of experience in such installations. They know all makes and models and understand how to piece together these complex solutions quickly and cost effectively. Our friendly technicians will answer any questions you may have along the way. Here are a few ways you benefit by calling us:

  • Our systems create an impenetrable perimeter around your organization.
  • We deliver and install access control solutions tailored for your needs.
  • We have an experienced and qualified staff of engineers and technicians.
  • Our technicians use advanced technology, equipment, and tools for installation.
  • We listen to our clients and provide them prompt customer support.

The MegaSystems Security Difference in Dallas

MegaSystems Security has been in the Dallas market for years and provides products and services for different industry sectors, such as office, hotel, restaurants, schools, government office, media, and telecom. Our technicians are highly experienced and have the skills required to provide a thorough evaluation, installation, and maintenance of your security system. We test the equipment before leaving your property. If you have any questions following the installation, our techs are available to answer them and will return to your property to make any adjustments, if needed.  For high-quality, reliable, and affordable access control system installation, Contact us today