Latest technology tools make companies more secure, agile, and productive. However, such tools require the right type of network system to support them. Structured cabling is an advanced infrastructure made up of smaller and standardized elements. 

Previously, cabling would run from point to point, which led to a jumbled mess of cables and wiring. Our company offers structured cabling system installation in residential and commercial buildings. We aim to support the advancing technology in the workplace via network cabling. 

Our company offers structured cabling security solutions to accommodate the need for fast speed and more bandwidth. Structured cabling systems can organize your infrastructure and accommodate any new hardware while supporting the increasing amount of data your company uses every day. 

We provide reliable, flexible, and scalable structured cabling security solutions tailored to your needs. Companies flourish because of data networks, which support their day-to-day operations. Your company's operations, such as product development, communication, and production, require an infrastructure to support these channels reliably and effectively. 

Networks with multiple integrations need vast networks of wires and cables. Our structured cabling security solutions in Dallas, TX, eliminates all the hassle and chaos involved in setting up large data infrastructures. Our mission is to strengthen the foundation of your business. We offer a variety of products and services to improve your business's digital network infrastructure.

Copper-based Networks

All businesses require a secure and reliable internet connection. Our companies offer a full suite of local-area networks and wide-area networks services. We specialize in the modification of existing systems and the installation of new ones. 

We work with business clients to provide the latest, tailored solutions to their needs. Our services include CAT5e, CAT6, and Augmented CAT6 copper-based solutions. The price per line is the greatest advantage offered to all our clients, enabling them to create accurate budgets for their projects and avoid hidden charges.

Fiber-Optic Networks

MegaSystems Security offers specialized structured cabling solutions, including single-mode, multimode, and 10 GIG in the fiber-optic network category. Fiber-optic networking solutions are best for companies when other networks fall short.

There are many benefits of our fiber-optic network solutions. For instance, fiber optics travel longer distances, withstand interferences caused by electrical lines and heavy machinery, and perform at higher speeds. We have licensed and skilled technicians with many years of experience who can install and work with fiber lines.

Our technicians can integrate fiber-optic networks with your local copper network in Dallas, TX. Our company also offers services like building a fiber network from scratch and creating a customized solution based on your current business needs.

Low Voltage Networks

Our company Megasystems Security, offers business and point-of-sale low voltage networking solutions. We provide high-quality installation services for any business throughout Dallas, TX. We have experienced technicians who install the equipment and run the cable for a wide range of audio/video systems.

We offer structured cabling security solutions for speakers and background music systems, CCTV systems, security cameras, overhead paging, and public address systems. Our structured cabling security company in Dallas, TX, offers:

  • Fiber-optic installation
  • Copper cable installation
  • CCTV security systems
  • Coaxial cable installation
  • Access control 
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Distributed antenna system
  • Cable TV infrastructure (CATV)
  • Datacenter build-outs
  • Cable trays and ladder racks 

Structured Cabling Installation

Our company offers structured cabling installation to industrial, commercial, and other businesses throughout Dallas, TX. We have in-house trained and BICSI-certified technicians who can serve audio, video, and data networks in small offices, campuses, and large industrial buildings. 

We have skilled professionals who specialize in managing network deployment, design, and installation of new networks. Besides, our company also specializes in providing cutting-edge technology solutions to simplify and streamline your business operations and processes. 

Our skilled professionals specialize in planning, designing, installing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and upgrading any size network. Moreover, from 1 to 1,000 drops, our qualified technicians are ready to work for you. 

Wiring infrastructure is an integral part of every network. Our solutions include testing and certification of existing or new fiber and copper networks. Furthermore, we offer full-service wireless network installation across Dallas, TX. 

Our technicians can design, plan, and install a superior quality and high-speed network from start to finish. We offer customized solutions to meet your business's needs and address its challenges. 

Why Choose Us?

It is not easy to do business in Dallas, TX, because every company faces numerous challenges. However, your network system should not be one of them. A properly installed network runs smoothly and leads to higher business productivity. 

Your company needs reliable, flexible, and durable components to keep the network running smoothly without any problems. Our company offers a variety of innovative, dependable, valuable network solution products for your infrastructure investment. 

We are committed to our clients, offering quality assurance, high-quality system performance, and lifetime-limited warranties. All our products are thoroughly designed, engineered, tested, and produced in Dallas, TX. 

High-Quality Services

Our company offers a wide range of front-end and follow-up services. Our engineers and technicians work collaboratively to provide consultation, design, documentation, and installation of physical layer infrastructures. 

We have an in-house CAD department, and our company employs full-time structured cabling security technicians. Our company works to ensure your business has adequate submittal packages before the process of integration starts.

Skilled Technicians

Our dedicated team of skilled technicians ensures the successful design and installation of all structured cabling networks. Our inspection and maintenance team ensures the system runs seamlessly for years to come after its installation. 

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for our company. All our engineers and technicians are BICSI-certified who adhere to the installation, testing, and maintenance standards. We also have BICSI-certified RCDD and NTS teams who can terminate, splice, test, and troubleshoot both single-mode and multimode fiber. The advantages of our structured cabling security solution are:

  • BICSI-certified technicians 
  • Long-lasting equipment and systems 
  • Efficient voice, audio, video, and data
  • High-speed bandwidth
  • Easy and effective troubleshooting 
  • Scalable cabling infrastructure
  • Customized Solutions