Low Voltage Cabling in Dallas Done Right

Proper low voltage and structured wiring empower, so your company takes advantage of the latest technology.

Most managers do not spend much time thinking about how the computer network wiring is laid in their facility. Such work often seems trivial but is vital to the business. Nowadays, every organization relies on technology and networks to operate: marketing to their customers, creating products, delivering solutions, and servicing clients. Those functions are not possible if you do not have a wire that moves information from place to place quickly, consistently, and securely.

Laying network wiring and design requires a high level of expertise. One cannot simply take a look, string wires from one spot to another, and walk away. Computer wiring is very sensitive to noise and to the touch.

The type of data running over the wires also impacts the network design. Video surveillance systems are bandwidth intensive and demand cabling capable of supporting high volume, continuous traffic. Businesses operate many other applications: computer networking, telecommunications services, Wi-Fi distribution, lighting control, and alarm systems. New solutions spurred by the Internet of Things are also emerging. Consequently, the list of factors contributing to a cabling selection is rising, and the decision of which suits your business is becoming more complicated. The choice is vital because the wrong cabling hamstrings your business applications.

Given the many open questions, you need help selecting and installing your cabling. Your business has no expertise in this area, but MegaSystems Security does. We served customers for decades and has laid many miles of cable. We will find, install, and maintain the best wiring for your facility.   

Low Voltage & Wiring Services

The number of applications that businesses rely on to stay open every day has been increasing as new technology options emerge. Low voltage cabling provides you with sufficient bandwidth to run your business, without incurring undue expenses. Here are a few applications that we specialize in:

  • Data and Voice Services: your company’s communications lifeblood, providing connections so information moves from place to place
  • Video Distribution: an increasingly popular option as organizations try to ensure that their facilities are safe
  • Security Systems: cameras to watch what happens in your building 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and alarm systems that alert you if a break-in or other problems occur
  • Internet Access: connections from your business to the World Wide Web
  • Commercial Wi-Fi Networks: connect wireless access point to company networks, so employees have more flexibility to access needed information
  • Fire Alarm: solutions that tie your alarm, the local fire department, and your sprinkler system together and mitigate the potential damage stemming from a fire
  • Intercom/ Smart Doorbell: services that automate the opening and running of your facility 

Fiber-Optic Networks

MegaSystems Security offers specialized structured cabling solutions, including single-mode, multimode, and 10 GIG in the fiber-optic network category. Fiber-optic networking solutions are best for companies when other networks fall short.

There are many benefits of our fiber-optic network solutions. For instance, fiber optics travel longer distances, withstand interferences caused by electrical lines and heavy machinery, and perform at higher speeds.

Our technicians can integrate fiber-optic networks with your local copper network in Dallas, TX. We will build your fiber network from scratch and create a customized solution based on your current business needs.  

Why Select MegaSystems Security?

We are a one-stop destination for structured cabling solutions. We work with industry leaders, so our solutions are secure, include robust features, are simple to use, and fit your budget. We have certified technicians with many years of experience in such installations. They know all makes and models and understand how to piece together these complex solutions quickly and cost effectively. Our friendly technicians will answer any questions you may have along the way. Here are a few ways you benefit by calling us:

• We deliver and install solutions tailored for your needs.
• We have an experienced and qualified staff of engineers and technicians.
• Our technicians use advanced technology, equipment, and tools for installation.
• You become more productive.
• We listen to our clients and provide them prompt customer support. 

The MegaSystems Security Difference

MegaSystems Security has been in the Dallas market for years and provides products and services for different industry sectors, such as office, hotel, restaurants, schools, government office, media, and telecom. Our technicians are highly experienced and have the skills required to provide a thorough evaluation, installation, and maintenance of your wiring They test the equipment before leaving your property. If you have any questions following the installation, our techies are available to answer them and will return to your property to make any adjustments, if needed. For high-quality, reliable, and affordable cabling, Contact us today