Business owners in Dallas want to ensure their facility is protected at all times. Although no commercial property is completely safe from security risks, such as intrusion, theft, fire, or vandalism. It is crucial to take proactive measures to shield your property from any potential hazards. Commercial security companies in Dallas specialize in protecting your business and its assets from theft or other risks.

Asset protection is required within every commercial property with security measures such as physical security system, security guards, burglar resistant windows and doors, high-tech locks, alarm and video surveillance systems. Your commercial establishment can be protected from unwanted threats like break ins and thefts with a professional security company in Dallas like Megasystems Security.

Security measures are not supposed to be taken lightly; they ensure safety of all ongoing business operations. A security guard can be a great asset for your facility. However, it is not enough to safeguard a business alone. With opting out of a security system your business is vulnerable to burglars and thieves.
Commercial assets such as employees, customers, equipment, and inventory must be protected. Many business owners install commercial security systems after they become victims of burglary. However, waiting for unfortunate events like theft and robbery to happen will continue to put your business at risk even after security system is installed.

When it comes to commercial security, business owners must not underestimate the danger of internal theft. Researchers show that employee fraud with wasting work hours, and stealing equipment from the office can cost a business up to 5% of annual revenue.
Imagine how much you can lose when you don't have a sophisticated commercial security system in place. A commercial security system can enable you to monitor your employees, and not just outside threats.   

Why This Commercial Security Company in Dallas?

MegaSystems Security Security offers a wide range of security options when it comes to commercial security systems. Our qualified and experienced staff will help you choose the most suitable security system for your business. Security systems for commercial properties range in capability and protection level, and we are here to help you review the different systems and choose the correct approach for your needs. Our company offers the best commercial security system to businesses in Dallas and across Texas. Our typical solution includes the following essential components:

- Video surveillance system
- Access control system

- Commercial monitoring station 

- Fire safety system

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is an integral part of commercial security. It’s rare to find a business with no presence of CCTV security camera video surveillance. Many commercial properties across Dallas have not updated their video surveillance systems in years, if not decades.
Unlike old security cameras, our company offers modern, high-quality, and the latest video surveillance with cutting-edge technologies such as:
Live Streaming: Using our video surveillance systems, commercial property owners can live steam videos and footage from their cameras from anywhere using a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. You will also receive alerts and notifications when a video camera detects burglar events.
High-quality Outdoor Cameras: Our surveillance system comes with modern outdoor video cameras, which are IP67 rated resistant to cold and heat. Our smart security cameras come with unique features like wider angle lenses, HD streaming, smart events triggering, night vision, and more.
Cloud Storage: Our company has made modern video surveillance systems available to commercial businesses, with features like sending video data to the cloud for storage, viewing, and editing. 

A Central Alarm Monitoring Station

Commercial focused alarm monitoring systems connect your property's video surveillance system and alarm sensors to our professionally monitored central station. Our support team will access the nature of the threat or type of emergency, which sets off an alarm and will respond by calling the law enforcement agency to take immediate action. Also, your company contact will be notified by our support team for any false alarm. Our commercial alarm monitoring solution is a powerful tool offered to businesses in Dallas, TX. A commercial monitoring solution allows you to respond to threats and emergencies within minutes upon their occurrence. In most cases, our monitoring station will send you a clearer picture of the problem and respond to the emergency more accurately than someone within the office upon where the alarm was triggered.

A Fire Safety System

Fire safety systems are mandated by local, state, and federal governments in commercial properties. Our company has high-quality fire safety systems for your commercial business. Our fire safety systems have fewer false alarms because they come with smart sensors and control panels.

The control panels access early warning signs and filter out the false alarms from actual threats. We have state-of-the-art equipment that uses hyper-responsive ionization and photoelectric components, leading to faster detection of smoke and fires. The system will send your alerts and notifications directly to your smartphone so that you can tackle the situation efficiently and promptly. 

An Access Control System

MegaSystems Security offers state-of-the-art access control solutions  to commercial businesses. Access Control a powerful system that can be used for limiting employee and visitor access to the property and specific areas within the building.
An access control system designed and installed by our Dallas based commercial security company at your office or business location can significantly prevent employee theft. With an access control system, it can limit employee access to specific building areas, which will help control theft and other illegal activities in the workplace.

Our access control systems are integrated with video surveillance systems, to provide an added layer of protection against employee theft. We can also combine these systems to develop facial recognition access systems. 

Safety Glass

No security system is completed without safety or security glass. It is an essential component of the commercial security system, usually laminated or heat-tempered to increase its strength. Our company offers a wide range of security glass, and each one has its own unique features and protection level.  The most commonly used glasses are:

Laminated Glass: It is comprised of two tempered glass pieces with a layer of polyvinyl butyral in the middle. Laminated glass is one of the best security glass, which can resist blows from crowbars, hammers, and even bullets. It is because we offer laminated glass with a thick polyvinyl butyral layer.

Tempered Glass: A common type of security glass that meets the local Dallas government's compliance demands from a security standpoint. Tempered glass breaks into cubes instead of shards. 

MegaSystems Security, a commercial security company with decades of experience in the Dallas security market, offering state-of-the-art solutions to commercial businesses or residential properties. Our team of qualified and certified professionals, which include designers, engineers, technicians, and installers who work collaboratively to implement a tailored security system for a commercial business. Contact our team today to speak with a qualified security expert that can help design the most effective commercial security system for your business!