A commercial intercom system for businesses is an integrated system with telephone and external paging features. The telephone system allows your employees to call certain office areas with use of the external paging amplifier, and speakers enable them to page the entire building.

Our commercial intercom systems allow businesses to add a door phone to the telephone system, enabling visitors to call someone inside just by pressing a button. Upon authorization, a present person inside the building will unlock the door to allow the visitor to enter the building.

It is recommended to get a commercial intercom system with outdoor call stations and an indoor wall-mounted or desktop station. There is only one wire that runs between the indoor station and the outdoor monitor. Today, most businesses are choosing IP intercoms, and we believe they are the best solution when it comes to door phone applications.

IP commercial intercom system will allow for your employees to communicate in different areas of the building. A commercial intercom system is a standalone communication system use within a building to provide effective communication for your employees in Dallas, TX.

Commercial intercom systems are an important component of the overall security system in any and all commercial settings, including but not limited to school, malls, and hospitals. Our company offers both simple, and complex solutions for your commercial intercom system needs based on your requirements. 

Improved Communication

Our commercial intercom systems allow your employees to communicate effectively with one another within your office or building. The system allows for easy and quick responses, especially during emergencies.

We will install a high-quality commercial intercom system on your premises so that you can find a specific employee in a matter of seconds. We aim for convenient communication systems that help companies streamline their business operations. 

Advanced Security

Our company offers the latest cutting-edge intercom systems and installation service that provide an extra layer of security to your business. Our qualified and professional staff can integrate the intercom system with video surveillance systems, allowing your security team to screen people before entering your building. 

Our company offers the latest cutting-edge IP intercom systems and installation service that will provide your business with an extra layer of security. Our qualified and professional staff can integrate the intercom system with video surveillance systems, which allows your security team to screen people before they enter the building.

With our commercial intercom system, you can ward off potential burglars and vandals from your commercial property. Our system is the best alternative to key cards for access control. With a highly effective intercom system we provide, it enables businesses to allow or deny access to certain individuals.

Our experienced engineers will install a high-quality system on your premises to manage communication and handle emergencies. The system guides your employees into safety and enables them to perform operations based on your company standards and protocols. It allows your security team to coordinate effectively to improve building security.

With our commercial intercom system, you can verify the identity of employees and visitors entering the facility. The purpose of a commercial intercom system is to discourage unauthorized personnel and potential thieves from entering the building. 

Versatility and Convenience

Our commercial intercom systems have the ability to offer more than just two-way communication in offices, schools, factories, malls, and other commercial settings. The system comes with audio and video features for quick communication, remote monitoring, and access control.

We also offer advanced commercial intercom systems incorporated with high-quality features, which offer your managers and employees superior convenience. With our intercom system, your security team can effectively and efficiently screen visitors at all entry points to verify their identity before allowing them to enter the building.

Megasystems Security will customize the intercom system according to your specific business needs. For instance, if you want to control doors through the system, we will design and install a system that will let you lock and unlock doors within your building with a push of the button. 

Similarly, our high-quality IP intercom system allows your employees to report suspicious visitors to your company's security department in a discreet manner. Installing the right intercom systems will allow your business to find affordable insurance covers. 

Why Choose Us

~At Mega Systems Security, we offer advanced commercial intercom systems that allow your personnel to see and communicate with visitors at any entry points of the building. Our intercom system provides a secure solution to protect your workers inside the building. 

New Installations or Upgrade existing systems

Whether you have an existing intercom system or want to install a new one, we can handle all of your intercom needs. From single-station applications to multi-unit housing, no intercom system installation is too small or too large for us. Our qualified technicians can evaluate, upgrade, and repair the existing systems.

Integration with Access Controls

No matter if you have an existing access control system or hardware, we can integrate the new intercom system with existing hardware and door controls. The process is simple – you just need to call our company and discuss with our experts about integrating your existing equipment with the new commercial intercom system. That's it; the rest is our job.

Audio Systems Upgrades

Our technicians have many years of experience working with different makes and models of a commercial intercom system. We can upgrade your audio intercom system and add video equipment to it using the existing wiring. We recommend adding a video component to your existing commercial intercom system because it increases functionality and security. It allows you to record images and footage for future use.

Integration with CCTV Systems

Our company offers intercom systems that can be integrated with your video surveillance cameras to improve the process of identification at entry points. Our team will visit your commercial building