Alarm Monitoring is a service where our qualified and professional staff monitors your commercial alarm system in Dallas, TX.  Our company aims to enhance your office security by adding an extra set of eyes to monitor your security system. Our alarm monitoring service offers an additional layer of security and peace of mind to business owner of Dallas, TX.

Alarm monitoring is handled at our UL centralized station, which is operated by our qualified security professionals who monitor the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our company offers modern alarm systems with a central monitoring facility. We offer programmed alarm monitoring systems based on your specific needs with easy-to-use remote app and site internet portal.

In general, your office's alarm system is connected through a Cellular or IP relay. Some alarm systems come with a sim card bay that offers standalone connectivity. There are two types of alarm systems, such as self-monitored alarm systems and centrally monitored alarm systems.

Self-monitored alarm systems are connected to your smartphone through an app with a data link. You receive alerts and notifications about an intrusion on your smartphone, and it is up to you to call the cops or take some other action.

On the other hand, a centrally monitored alarm system has a dedicated team of professionals who monitor your alarm system. Our company offers this type of alarm monitoring service, which adds an extra layer of security so that you have a completely secured office.

The Importance of Alarm Monitoring Services in Dallas

Our alarm monitoring system offers a wide range of benefits. The most significant benefit of our service is state-of-the-art security and peace of mind.

Continuous Monitoring

When you hire our alarm monitoring service, we will ensure that our staff monitors your office security system 24/7. Our experienced and skilled security professionals will ensure that burglars do not intrude on your property. We will send you alerts and notifications in case of an emergency and call the police to reach your property with urgency. With our alarm monitoring service, you have complete peace of mind when you are away from your office.  

Fire Security

Although your smoke detection system works hard to detect the onset of a fire, our monitored alarm system will notify the fire department when you are away from your office. We will ensure there is little to no damage to your property by taking appropriate actions in an efficient manner.     

Theft Deterrence

 Burglars and thieves will act carefully and avoid taking unnecessary risks while performing an illegal activity. When it is visually known that there is an alarm system installed, the chances of them intruding on your property are slim. 

Even if a thief does try to intrude on your property, an alert will be sent out and local law authorities will be contacted simultaneously. It’s crucial to hire an alarm monitoring service that will monitor your property 24/7 enabling you to have peace of mind even when you are away from the office.

Access to Emergency Services

Our alarm monitoring service is within Dallas, TX is active 24/7 and acts as a panic button. The moment a burglary is detected upon your residence, emergency services will be dispatched immediately to your location even if you are unable to call 911.    

Insurance Costs

Insurance companies will prioritize clients that take an extra step to install security systems on their properties. Discounts are available on insurance premiums with an active alarm monitoring service that we have the ability to provide. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent or company and learn about how much you can save annually on having an alarm monitoring system installed at your business.

The Importance of Alarm Monitoring Services in Dallas

Our alarm monitoring system offers a wide range of benefits. The most significant benefit of our service is state-of-the-art security and peace of mind.

Professional Monitoring

Our alarm monitoring service provides professional assistance 24/7 in the event your security alarm is triggered. During an emergency or an alarm event, our professional operators at the centralized station will contact you immediately. If you are not available, local emergency services will be contacted in your area.

Customer Satisfaction

Throughout the years, our company has grown to where we are now with minimal marketing. Currently, we are servicing and monitoring several hundred alarm systems in Dallas, TX. For many years, we have made substantial efforts to provide the best security surveillance to our clients in Dallas, TX.

At Megasystems Security, our philosophy is that if we will receive referrals by treating our clients well and make sure their commercial properties are effectively secured.


Our company takes pride in the overall satisfaction of our customers. Our leadership holds a strong passion for alarm monitoring excellence, and we are committed to providing ultimate satisfaction to all of our customers. Our team has a firm belief that our commitment to providing high-quality alarm monitoring service has yielded stronger relationships with our clients in Dallas, TX.

No High-Pressure Selling

Megasystems Security will not adopt and use a mass marketing strategy to promote our business. We don't believe in high-pressure sales. Our team is always ready and will respond in record time for any and all emergency service calls.

We have carried over this philosophy into our employees. With years of evaluation, management, and employee recruitment, our company has the ability to retain the most experienced, capable, and skilled staff in the alarm monitoring industry. Every employee of our company has gone through a thorough background screening before commencing employment.

If you need a high-quality alarm system, installation, or alarm system integration at your office, you can call us today and schedule your appointment with our qualified team. We offer reliable, flexible, and affordable alarm monitoring services in Dallas, TX.