How Access Control Systems Can Improve Your Business Security in Houston, TX

How Access Control Systems Can Improve Your Business Security in Houston, TX

Improving your business security should be at the top of your priority list.

According to the USDOJ, there are around 2.5 million burglaries per year. The police solve only 13% of reported cases. If you’re a business owner, these numbers should point to one thing: better business security measures.

Installing access control systems is one of the best ways to boost security. By restricting access to your building with electric locks and installing a surveillance system, you can stop thieves from attempting to get in.

If you’re worried about rising crime around Houston, this post is for you. Keep reading; we’ll tell you how an access control system can help your business stave off crime.

What Do Access Control Systems Do?

An access control system permits or restricts access to rooms, buildings, and even the grounds that your business is on. It’s powered with electric locks to ensure your business only lets the people you want inside.

You’ll have to provide your employee’s credentials, such as an access card, a FOB, or something on their mobile device. They’ll scan the device into the control system reader, and your access control server grants access based on permissions that you set up previously.

Access control systems are standard in the healthcare, government, and education sectors and small to medium business grounds. 

Benefits of an Access Control System

There are countless benefits to implementing an access control system. The biggest is the peace of mind that you get knowing that your business is restricted to anyone that isn’t authorized to be there.

It’s easy to change who has access and when access is allowed. Many businesses leave access open during the day and restrict it at night when employees have gone home. Companies that are prone to prying eyes can have full-time restrictions.

The system also tracks who’s had access to certain areas. If you’re dealing with employee theft, it’ll be easy to find the culprit and deal with them accordingly. 

The mere presence of an access control system will deter theft from the outside. Whether you’re concerned about a physical burglary or IP theft, your access control system, along with other security features like a surveillance system and alarms, will ensure nothing to worry about.

Protect Your Houston Business

Now that you understand more about access control systems and how they can help you, it’s time to implement your system. At Mega Systems Security, we’ve been helping Houston-area businesses step up their security.

Our commercial access control systems are customized to suit the needs of your business. Some of the features include

  • Account creation and deletion
  • Access rule creation and change
  • Entry/exit reports
  • Various card readers and scanners

If you’re interested in outfitting your business with the best security, contact us today, and one of our experts will help you.