How to Choose a Commercial Security Camera System for Your Houston TX Business

How to Choose a Commercial Security Camera System for Your Houston TX Business

According to a city ordinance passed in April 2021, certain businesses in Houston must have security cameras on their premises by 19 July 2022.  

City lawmakers believe this will help reduce crime rates in the city and assist police with their investigations. 

If you’re affected by this ruling or simply a safety-conscious business owner, keep reading. Here’s your guide to understanding the commercial security camera systems available in Houston, TX.

Types of Security Cameras

Research shows that business security camera systems can reduce property crime in an area by at least 21%. The same study highlights that cameras are more effective than lighting for deterring criminals. 

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of security cameras, choosing the right type for your setting is essential. There are four main types of security cameras, namely:

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are compact, tamper-resistant, discreet, and suit indoor and outdoor applications. They have fixed lenses or motorized lenses that scan the environment.

Their dome casings disguise which direction the camera is facing. They also resist redirection, impact, and re-focusing. 

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras suit both indoor and outdoor applications. They’re fixed cameras focusing on only one area, but you can customize the lenses to provide focused or wide-angle shots.

C-Mount Cameras

C-mount cameras offer many options for customization and work best indoors. You select the desired lens for these cameras based on your required image resolution. 

It would help if you also considered lux ratings when choosing these cameras. Cameras with a low lux rating capture images better in low light. 

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) Cameras 

These cameras can track motion near them and focus on the source. You can also configure them to view large defined areas according to pre-programmed patterns. 

Security Camera Technology

Modern security camera technology means you can add motion detection and night vision to your security system.

Night vision cameras are vital if you have poor security lights or shadowy areas around your building. Motion detection cameras help detect burglars but are also sensitive to other issues like significant water leaks, motor vehicles, and wild animals. 

Cameras also run off various network and power connections. Wired systems use cables to connect them to a power source, the internet, or the network video recorder. 

Some wired cameras use cordless connections to Wi-Fi or the NVR.

Wireless cameras run off rechargeable batteries and Wi-Fi only. You’ll need to buy extra batteries to limit disruptions while charging the batteries.

Many security cameras offer the flexibility to mix and match these technologies to suit your circumstances.

Installing the Best Commercial Security Camera Systems

You can’t afford to gamble regarding your business’s security or legal compliance. So, working with an established contractor is vital when researching your options.

We’ve been installing commercial security camera systems, alarm systems for business, and access control systems in Houston for over 20 years. 

Do you need help finding the best commercial security camera systems in Houston, TX? Get in touch; our expert team can assist you in finding a solution that suits your needs.