The Importance of Smart Home Security During Summer Break

The Importance of Smart Home Security During Summer Break

During summer vacation, home security is so much more complicated! Together with warm weather and school/work vacations, our living patterns in the summer months tend to change, rather than stay put and huddle for warmth!

Thankfully, alarm systems have become more and more intelligent and it’s easy to have a fun while staying secure during the summer vacation!

Dedicated cellular connections are the way to go with today’s alarm systems. The system will never be out of touch with a dedicated cellular line that has a backup battery system in case of electrical disruption, and there are no phone lines that could be cut or damaged to interfere with emergency communication. No matter what the conditions, your system will continue delivering the function you want, when you need it. You can come and go as you please- knowing that your home is protected according to your personal requirements.

Smart Home security systems make it possible to set ‘rules’ so that your home responds automatically in an emergency can save valuable minutes when time counts most. Your home’s Air Conditioning/Heating and important safety devices can be proactively programmed to behave in response to conditions. For example, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms can be programmed to immediately call emergency services if certain conditions are present. If there is a breach via a window or a door that is unexpected, smart systems can understand what is happening and respond appropriately, keeping you and your family safe.

Smart Home security systems can be set to send you notifications when things happen in and around your home. For example, when windows or doors are opened, various utilities in the house are turned on or when a specific family member enters or exits, and all this can happen whether your system is armed or not.

Along these lines, gone are the days when you had to leave a key under a rock for a friend. The combination of services involved in one system means that you have the ability to view your house at any time and selectively allow others to enter or exit via your alarm app. Friends and family can each be given their own codes, so you know exactly who is entering and exiting the house at any given time.

Smart home security systems tie-in to all of your home’s mechanical and electrical systems. For example, the system is able to see patterns in your usage and over time build an effective schedule for your lighting and environmental comfort based on your daily patterns of use. Sudden temperature changes can be automatically adjusted for, making use of real-time data about current weather conditions.

Sudden plan changes are very typical in the summer months. Families are out and about more often and when they run into friends, new plans are formed. Smart home systems allow homeowners to adapt their daily set schedules according to their updated plans. Remote access means that one can easily re-set lighting times or environmental controls, resulting in less waste of electrical or gas resources.

High-quality cameras serve many purposes. Of course, you can easily see who is at the door, or asking to gain access, and of course, should there ever be an attempt at unlawful entry, photos and video can be extremely helpful to allow emergency services to identify perpetrators. On a daily level, parents with small children can easily watch while the children are playing happily and safely with ease, from one part of the home to another, or outside in the yard. If you have a swimming pool or pond feature, a security system will allow you to set up more barriers for children, so that water safety is easier to maintain.

Summer is a time of much activity and fun. Let our security system team help you in making your summer a safer one!