Troubleshooting Issues with Commercial Security Camera Systems in Houston, TX

Troubleshooting Issues with Commercial Security Camera Systems in Houston, TX

This year, a Houston city ordinance began requiring some businesses to install security cameras and share the footage with law enforcement. This change came with its own headaches for companies unfamiliar with commercial security camera systems. These technical systems can malfunction easily. Are you having problems with your commercial security camera systems in Houston TX?

If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners in Houston have experienced issues with their security cameras.

Whether it’s a malfunctioning camera or power supply issues, security camera failure is concerning. Fortunately, you can take steps to troubleshoot these systems and get them back up and running. This blog post will provide a how-to guide for troubleshooting commercial security camera systems in Houston TX.

Power Issues

Power issues are among the most frustrating problems for commercial security camera systems in Houston TX. Most systems have enough fail-safes that power issues shouldn’t arise. But when they do, a few simple steps can get them running again.

Access control systems in Houston are sometimes the culprit of power supply issues. If your cameras connect to your commercial alarm systems, then the cameras may be fine. Double-check the alarm system to ensure it’s providing power to your cameras.

If the issue persists, contact a professional to examine your commercial alarms. A certified commercial alarm system technician can identify and reconnect power to your Houston alarm systems for business.

Incorrect Settings

New commercial security camera systems in Houston TX have tons of settings. Even the best alarm systems can be confusing. So, it’s possible that you or the installer input incorrect settings at first.

Try checking your settings if you’re having issues with your commercial alarms and cameras. Since business alarm systems are so customizable, a slight tweak can make a huge difference.

Of course, changing the settings could worsen the issues. So, we recommend using the alarm system user manual throughout the process. That way, you have more control over the changes you make.

Video Loss Problems

What good is a commercial security camera system if you cannot recover the video? You’d want to access the video if you installed your access control systems in Houston to protect your assets.

Video loss is often a network error. If your security cameras aren’t connected to the internet, the video can’t upload to your network. So, you end up losing the video.

Troubleshooting this problem is simple. Check the connection between the ethernet cable and your alarm and camera systems. Once secured, test your video.

If the problem persists, you may have a physical issue with your camera’s wiring (if you have a wired security camera) or hardware. You should call a technician to address the situation further.

Commercial Security Camera Systems in Houston TX

Whether you’re required to by law or want more peace of mind, installing commercial security camera systems in Houston TX is simple at Mega Systems Security. We’ve provided commercial security to Houston businesses for over 20 years. And we’re prepared to help you get the most out of your commercial alarm system.

We recommend a comprehensive consultation with our security experts if you need help figuring out where to start. Contact our Houston office today to schedule your consultation.