Cloud Eases Access Control Pain Points

Cloud Eases Access Control Pain Points

Emerging option closes security holes, reduces maintenance, and cuts costs

By Guy Mizrahi, President, Megasystems Security

In the past¸ securing a facility was straightforward: install a physical access control system. As technology advanced and corporate services became virtual, new holes arose. So nowadays, protecting your office has become quite challenging. Cloud computing, an emerging computing model, offers you a simple, cost effective way to safeguard your corporate assets.

The Internet extends a corporation’s potential reach beyond their neighborhood to around the world. But these advances have a dark side, the risk of security breaches. Make no mistake: you are constantly under attack. Juniper Research estimates that in 2019, the annual cost of cyberattacks on businesses Prodatakey $2 trillion. So attacks occur nonstop against companies of all sizes.

Legacy Access Control Shortcomings

Not surprisingly, keeping pace with the criminals has become more and more challenging. Traditionally, access control systems required that enterprises install servers, run proprietary networks, and dedicate personnel to maintaining the solutions — time, money, and personnel that instead could be spent on core business functions.

Legacy systems design is very tedious to maintain. Suppliers and hackers constantly play a game of leap frog where a new vulnerability is found, a patch (a fix) is created, software is updated, and the bad guys search for a new possible entryway.

You are a key player in the game because you are responsible for ensuring that your access control system runs the latest software. As new hacks emerge more frequently, the ongoing upgrading becomes more time consuming and vital. If you are lax for a moment, all of your confidential data and your building may be compromised.

And the possibility of a misstep is growing. The emergence of intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) devices offers many potential benefits, such as real time access control reporting. However, these devices provide hackers with new potential entrances into your network. In fact, criminals developed Miria very successful malware, which targets IoT devices, such as surveillance cameras.

Cloud Access Control Benefits Your Corporation

You need a better option, and cloud provides it. Cloud services, such as those from Prodatakey, are based on modern technology and offer many benefits. Access control applications become more user friendly. They support features, such as mobile interfaces and template based input, so your staff spends less time on onerous data entry and more time adding business differentiating functionality to your systems.

Cloud replaces the autonomous servers sitting on your site with remote systems that your vendor — not you – maintain. These services were built from the ground up for today’s highly connected world and feature leading edge secure checkpoints maintained by technicians whose only job is to make sure that no holes arise.

Immediate software updates are another plus. Your vendor makes a change to its system and you – and all other clients — are instantly up to date.

In addition, cloud access control solutions lower your costs. They are less expensive and require much less maintenance than dedicated servers. In addition, you replace the large upfront server investment with set monthly fees.

You also gain flexibility. If your business grows and your access control system needs more processing power, you enter a few clicks and it is allocated on demand. No more time consumed ordering and deploying additional hardware.

What Next?

Many businesses struggle to protect themselves. As cybersecurity became more ominous, their staff has been stretched thin and their support costs are rising. Cloud provides them with a way to ward off the bad guys without breaking the bank.

For more information about how cloud access control services may help your business, contact Megasystems Security. We are someone you can trust, a small, dedicated, family-owned business that takes the time to get to know each client on a personal level. We have been a leading Houston-area security solutions provider for more than two decades and would like to put our experience to use for your business.

About the Author

Guy Mizrahi is a seasoned business and consumer electronics professional with more than two decades of technical and managerial experience. He held various executive positions at top electronics store chains. In 2010, Guy founded Megasystems Security and built the firm into a leading Houston area supplier of high end business and consumer electronics and security solutions.