Commercial Security – Overview

Commercial Security – Overview

In the first job I ever had, we had a commercial Security alarm system. It was literally a system that we punched a code into and if that did not happen within thirty seconds, a blaring noise would emit from the ‘alarm’ that made anyone standing in the office feel like they had been knocked over the head with a baseball bat. It was not hooked up to anything on the outside. The police were not called. No alarm company was triggered. It worked because it was so loud, the perpetrator (or unlucky office employee who was too slow to punch the code in on time) could do nothing but leave the environment quickly to get away from the head crunching noise, thereby foiling any theft attempt.

Of course in those days, there were no computers and we used analog phones. Whatever we had of value was locked in the safe. These days, old commercial security systems can be breached by a person with ill intent, they can find information on how to defeat many popular security systems online.

Commercial Security can be broken down into the following four areas:


Security is a catch-all phrase that takes into account all the different areas in which one needs to maintain a safe process. This can include anything from a human guard at a physical premise to a password for an individual employee’ for access to the site. Ideally, the concept of security means that when a company comes in to review your needs, they are giving you solutions for your actual vulnerabilities. A security company selling one catch-all system for every business is selling a system. A company that assesses your needs and creates a system to protect every aspect of your business, is selling you a total security system.


Automation has touched our lives in every way. Today, the best security systems also include automated aspects that can allow us to adjust the system to our needs at any time, day or night. For example, security systems can be customized with remote lighting, and door locking services. In addition, thermometer settings, extreme weather warnings, and alerts are all services that a smart security system can offer.


There are security cameras everywhere today. Inside and outside buildings, in elevators and staircases, any place that could potentially have a security issue. High-quality surveillance cameras is one of the most effective ways to ensure that in the event of a security incident, the perpetrators can be found. Videography can also be used proactively to check areas of your domain and ascertain that a person’s identification matches their personal countenance remotely. Alerts can be programmed if the cameras are triggered, leading to a possible real-time viewing of a potential security compromise.


Security systems offered by Megasystems Security can easily be used from any smartphone or tablet. Some systems can be linked to personal security systems as well as to track traffic patterns and daily activity. This means that you can be on vacation and see what is happening on your premises in real time. On a personal level, safety medallions for people at risk can also be connected to security systems, making emergency situation resolution immediate.

Constant Evolution

Today’s technologies are ever evolving, meaning that systems can be updated as your needs change. As your business grows, your customized security system will grow with you. You will be able to add users, see every entry, exit, and door or window opening, as well as who accessed, regressed and what door or exit they used, at what time. Control panels can include two-way communication and panic buttons can be installed anywhere. Installing a high-quality security system is an investment worth making for your home, your business or your commercial venture.