Commercial Security Systems During the Holiday Season

Commercial Security Systems During the Holiday Season

Glittering lights strung like hopeful constellations, a reflection of starry-eyed revelers. Strains of music from every corner, the mouthwatering wafting scent of special bakery treats, prepared with love and excitement for family meals. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the holiday season permeate the atmosphere at this beautiful, bustling time of year. The air is alive with joy and anticipation, and that has an effect on everyone, including businesses, who both understandably welcome and dread this time of year.

As swarms of shoppers flock to the stores to take advantage of the end of season sales and buy their loved ones gifts, and as vacationers and tourists flood city centers to grab a slice of the holiday spirit, commercial security becomes an inescapable priority in keeping the holiday season a productive, safe, and smooth experience for all involved.

Now is the time when commercial security systems need to be most effective. The influx of people walking in and out of any business means that the security of the business can be threatened more frequently, especially by criminals who will take advantage of the confusion and distractions that the holiday season brings.

The shift of routines can also affect the employees themselves. Employee holiday parties can lead to lax surveillance, security personnel may be off duty due to familial obligations at this time of year and there may be less supervision as a result, and the general ambiance can lend itself to a drop in scrutiny.

By implementing a few important measures, businesses can ensure that their commercial security systems will not be at risk during this hectic time of year.

Firstly, the start of this season is a good time to run a thorough check throughout the security system to determine if any part of it is not up to par. All alarms and schedules of the security system should be updated to accommodate any different holiday hours.

Most importantly, the CCTV system should be running effectively so that it will be possible to monitor and instantly pinpoint any security breaches during the season. There should be increased vigilance during this time, and frequent if not constant monitoring of the cameras. Something to keep in mind when decorating the business in holiday decorations is to ensure that none of the décor is blocking the cameras.

Next, employees should be instructed to keep watch on the goings on around them and to immediately report any issues to their supervisors. They should be aware of the security procedures that apply to events during this season. Even details like criteria for which non-employees can be invited to a holiday work party, should be explored.

Employees and managers should be briefed on how exactly to respond in the event of an emergency, who to call and how to protect customers or clients. Involving employees in the security of the business will give them a sense of responsibility and importance, which can also help lessen irresponsible and impulsive behavior during this season of partying.

Additionally, if too many staff members need to take vacation days during this time, there should be workers hired to replace them just for these weeks.

Another important implementation is the use of access control. Restricting certain areas for unauthorized personnel will help control the infiltration of criminals. With possible temporary workers introduced into the business, it may be necessary to review the codes and to reevaluate who has access to these areas.

Last but definitely not least, if the business will be closed on a holiday, it is crucial to make sure that it has been locked properly and that there is vigilant remote monitoring all during that time. With these security measures in place, the holiday season can continue to be a source of joy and peace to all.