Commercial vs. Residential Security System and Monitoring

Commercial vs. Residential Security System and Monitoring

When business owners and homeowners are looking for the right security system to use in their Houston location, they are looking for very different things.

The many features a business might need to utilize can be irrelevant when it comes to protecting a home.
Here are a few differences that business owners and homeowners should look into.
Depending on your business, you might have very specific needs to run your day-to-day operation safely and efficiently.

Daily accessibility

You have certain employees who need to be in specific areas at specific times. At other times you do not want them to have access to these designated areas. Same with vehicle entry. Specific personnel should have automatic vehicle recognition access to the garage or property. Whether it be a construction site, an office building, or a medical facility, you have the ability to allow or block access to best suit your company’s needs. A residential property on the other hand usually does not have too many variables in regard to accessibility. Although, in a certain situation there might be a need for specific accessibility. For a maid for example or home repair technicians.

Video Surveillance

This is one that is very specific to your business needs. If you have a small operation, like a small retail shop, you just want to be able to access and sneak a peek at your property and employees at any time. However, when your operation is a big project, with many personal and varying locations, you might need to have a security officer on site. A security officer is only as good as his surveillance equipment. We can help you plan and implement an exact system so you have eyes and ears everywhere you need it to be and your crew can observe and monitor to keep the operation safe and secure. In Your home, however, unless you like to be creepy and stalk your housemates, you won’t need a security guard on hand and can access your cameras from any device of your choice.

Data Storage and Playback

We can’t always predict when important information will be needed. Unexpected things can occur and you want to know that you have the ability to find the information you need easily. Our systems allow you to store the data from your video surveillance for a long time and we have easy playback so you can access that data as soon as you need it. Things such as theft, employee quibbles, customer complaints, etc. might necessitate easy access to your stored videos. Of course, in your residence, you can also easily access your stored data. However unless you leave home for long periods of time, your storage needs would be shorter than that of a business.

Here are a couple of fun little features that differ completely from home and business.

Video and audio recordings in elevators

Not so important in homes, after all, when’s the last time you saw an elevator in a home. But in a business, this can be an important area to consider when planning your complete security system.

Pool surveillance

Many employees might wish that their workplace provided a pool but alas most do not. If you own a home with a pool, however, there are many important features to add to your security system to keep your property and the residents safe. From gate alarms, night vision cameras, and motion sensor lights, all are very important in the responsibility of owning a pool.

Few other features of our security systems that are equally important for your home and business property in Houston:

Alarm and Monitoring

If any system is breached you want an alarm to go off to alert you so you can take action. Protect your business with business security and an alarm system. With monitoring, you also know that when an alarm goes off an emergency response team has been notified to help you deal with the issue.

Remote Access App

All our systems come with personalized access to your live feeds and playback from your cameras. This gives you, the property owner, great freedom, and control over your security needs.

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