Security systems: DIY vs. Professional

Security systems: DIY vs. Professional

So you have some tools and you think you’re pretty handy. You’re also pretty intelligent. So why call a professional to install your security system?

You can order a DIY system, with the keypads and sensors etc. and set it all up yourself. Who needs a monthly fee anyway? You’re right. You can just buy a DIY system and install it yourself. There are some differences though between that DIY system you get and install yourself and the professional companies that come out to install your system and do your monthly monitoring. Here are some things to keep in mind when making the decision between professional vs do-it-yourself security systems.


When a professionally trained installer comes out to your home to install your security system, they have lots of experience and know what they’re doing. You can go about your day and let them handle it on their own. When you’re setting up your own DIY system, however, you need to make sure everything was installed properly. Spend time on the phone with customer support, check your system multiple times. This is definitely something you want to make sure you did right.


If you go the DIY route, you are in charge of monitoring your system and responding to all emergencies as they come up. If you don’t notice your systems message, as it’s trying to alert you to an intruder you can’t take the action required to get emergency personnel to your property. Professional security system monitoring can only be done with a monthly service with a professional security company. They will set up your system to contact the necessary emergency response team to take action even if you are unreachable.


One of the many important aspects of a sufficiently installed security system is knowing where to place your cameras, sensors and other components of your system. An experienced security specialist will know to look out for any hidden spots on your property and where to optimally place your system accordingly. Running wires all over your property to ensure an optimal security system can take lots of work and needs expertise. If you don’t think you can handle that, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals.


Probably one of the things that stand out the most about the professional security systems is the cloud storage capabilities. Access HD recording anytime anywhere. Not just can you see what is happening at the moment, which is also an option with many DIY systems, but playback what happened at a previous time as well. This is a tool that will be invaluable in an event an unfortunate event takes place.


You can have your inside security cameras, your doorbell, your thermostat, and your window sensors all set automatically on their own systems. But with an ideal home or office security system, you can automate the whole house in one place. What freedom to have your cameras, sensors, thermostats, doorbells, smoke alarms and water sensors all connected and controlled via your remote app.


Ability to not just have access to view and hear what is happening at your property but also to control access remotely is exclusive to professionally installed security systems. You can make changes to your property even from afar. This is the ability to actually remotely control your home with your system.


The cost of a DIY system is one large upfront fee. Usually, a system that comes with different components for the typical user. You will then need to buy any extra parts specific to your needs. When you hire a security system company you pay a one-time installation fee which covers all the different components of your system and then a small monthly fee.

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