Smart Home Security when the Clocks Change

Smart Home Security when the Clocks Change

On Sunday, November 4th, 2018, the clocks were changed, falling back an hour. As we all know, the clock change has a way of wreaking havoc in people’s lives.

As the clock falls back, and we all lose a precious hour of sleep, it is clear that we have all been thrown off kilter. Schedules are disrupted, routines are affected, and disgruntled employees fill the workplace.

Many aspects of technology are affected by the time change. Included in these are smart home security systems. Although the transition can be fairly seamless today, there are certain points to take into consideration when preparing for the clock change.

In the past, when all clocks had to be adjusted manually, security systems were thrown off balance by losing that hour. Nowadays many security systems automatically update themselves so that the headache of ensuring that they are all on accurate timetables is spared.
It is important to make sure that the central panel is set for the correct time.
Many apps for smart home security will automatically reset to the correct time. If you don’t have the appropriate app, it is possible to change it on your own by entering your personal account and following the system manual.
You’ll need to enter your user code to adjust the date and time.

When the clocks change, and the sky will be darkening earlier, security systems that are programmed to be more active at night may need to be reevaluated now that there are more hours of darkness.
The schedule of the lighting system may need to be readjusted, as the need for keeping the exterior of the home well-lit to avoid trespassing on the property will begin earlier in the evening. The motion detectors will also need to be switched on earlier, as will the security cameras if they are not active during the day.
You can customize the programming of all these different aspects of your system to fit your personal preferences for the dark winter months.

The safety elements of the security system are not the only ones that need readjusting as the nights begin earlier.
The air conditioning or heating systems will also need to be reconfigured. The scheduling of the temperature changes in the house will probably need to be reevaluated as the mornings turn dark and cold and the early nights beg for coziness and warmth.
The changing of the seasons and the cooler weather will also affect the temperature settings on these systems. This is also a great opportunity to inspect air filters and humidifiers so that the season starts off on the right foot, well equipped for the nasty winter chills.

Some security systems are connected to the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
During this time of year when adjusting the timing and scheduling of the entire system, it is wise to simultaneously test the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors too, and make sure that they are performing optimally.

Many apps will make all these adjustments automatically.
You still have the option of making changes and customizing your settings manually.
Even if your system will update completely automatically, its still advisable to check up on all your schedules and systems at this time of year to ensure that everything is properly coordinated, so that at least some of the stress of the clock change will be prevented.

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