Home Security Tips for Winter

Home Security Tips for Winter

What do you see when you envision the perfect winter evening? A warm blanket, a good book and a cup of tea? A cheery fire, some good wine, and even better conversation? A snowball fight followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows?
Whatever your idea of good wintry fun is it certainly doesn’t include slipping walkways, outrages electric bills or busted pipes.
Home Security Tips for Winter, here are some ways you can use smart home security systems to make sure you stay warm and safe this winter.

Get out of the cold quickly and securely with smart access control

You can create unique lock codes for each member of the household so fumbling for keys with gloved hands or frozen fingers is things of the past. Adding, and disabling codes is easy so house guests can feel at home and you can feel safe when they leave with no need to rekey or change your locks.
You can even control when each code can be used so there are no unwanted surprises.

Keep an eye on everything and everyone using smart video monitoring

Getting out of bed for the doorbell is truly a herculean effort one you have no reason to demand of yourself. A doorbell camera will allow you to see who’s visiting and you will even be able to speak to the visitor so that he can try and convince you to get out of bed. Maybe if he comes bearing pizza?
In addition to allowing you to stay in bed the cameras will be connected to your security system, so you can get video alerts when any system activity is detected.

Keep yourself and your visitors safe with outside lights and motion sensors.

Winter brings cloudy days and longer nights. Pair that with snow, ice or rain and you get a slippery front stoop and the very real danger of falls and injuries.
Having outside lights will ensure your walkways, driveways, and decks are properly illuminated for security and safety. Motion sensors will allow for all that while staying energy efficient.

Prevent cracked pipes and water damage

Freezing pipes are something you don’t really want to think about and installing a few smart safeguards will allow you not to think about it without any guilt.
temperature sensors in the basement will give you early awareness of an imminent threat to your pipes. Water sensors will let you know if a crack did happen so you can shut off the water as quickly as possible and an automated water shut-off is the safest solution of all, so you can automatically shut off the water as soon as the water sensor detects a leak and prevent any water damage.

Look after your family with smart monitoring

Winter schedules are different from the leisure days of summer and that can work for your advantage. Smart security systems can learn your activity patterns and notify you when an unusual activity happens.
The garage door opened after ten pm? The front door unlocked early Saturday morning? Lights turned on when everyone should be out of the house? You’ll know about it.

Keep everyone on time with automated schedules for your lights.

It’s a well-known fact that your sleep, your energy levels, and even your mood are all affected by light. Sleep is so important for your wellbeing you don’t want to ruin it by that pesky light you forgot to turn off and waking up is hard enough without having to do it in the dark.
Automated schedules for the lights throughout your home will ensure that you always have the right lighting at the right time.

Keep the temperature perfect and your costs low with automated temperature controls

With automated temperature control, you can get alerted to any dangerous weather conditions and the temperature in your home can be adjusted automatically to extreme spikes.
You also have full control to adjust the temperature in your home remotely.

“Winter is the time for home,” they say and with a smart security system that’s perfect for you and your family, you can make sure your home is warm, safe and secure so that in these upcoming winter months it’s the best place to be.

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