Smart Security System for Business

Smart Security System for Business

Did you ever wish that you could have a single point for all your security needs? There is now a system which offers exactly that. Megasystems Security has a complete smart security system for businesses with many perks. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Easy Access

Most appealing is the ability to access and control the settings and information from anywhere. You can view and edit any parts of the system remotely, giving you peace of mind when home after work hours or when on vacation.
No more late night trips back to the office because your obsessive thoughts forced you to make sure the alarm was activated and the doors were properly locked.
This smart security system keeps you worry-free when you are away from the office. It will automatically arm the office, store or building, and you can always disarm it from your device. It puts all your second guessing at bay.

A place for everything

The app makes managing your business security neat and organized. With all the details of your business tied together in one spot, it is so simple to oversee and control all the goings on. Especially for business owners with multiple businesses to keep track of, this is a big deal.

Always in the know

Megasystems Security smart security system for business keeps you constantly updated about the security of your business. Anytime there is any suspicious activity, you will receive instant alerts.
The peace of mind that this offers is unparalleled. You can remain virtually connected, but with the burden off of your shoulders. Everything will be under control under the watchful eye of this system.

No more keys to jangle

It’s official, keys are outdated. They are unreliable, always bound to be lost or stolen, and with this system, they are refreshingly unnecessary. Megasystems Security Smart Security System will use access control to secure all entry and exit doors that lead to secured areas.
You can easily modify the settings for these areas, denying or allowing access to specified individuals as you please, and you can change your settings at any time.

Key cards and codes can allow employees to enter protected areas.

You will also receive alerts as well as video evidence of any attempted breach of access, or any suspicious activity near these areas.

You can program the app to shut down access to the business after hours and customize the settings for any particular doors which should still remain unlocked at any point.

Financial perks

One great thing about Megasystems Security Smart Security System for Business is that it saves you money. It automatically shuts off or resets your heating and cooling systems, controlling your thermostat based on business hours so as not to waste money. When the numbers start rolling in, it is impressive how minor things like negligent employees leaving air conditioners running can have a marked impact after a while.

Video monitoring

In the days before the revolution that is Megasystems Security smart security system, when the alarm went off at the office, that meant a mad dash in the dark of night to catch the culprit with your bare arms, only to arrive breathless to discover a stray cat at the doorstep.
No more of that now. With constant video monitoring, you can see false alarms before they drag you out of bed. In the case of a true security breach, emergency forces will be immediately contacted and alerted, and with the stored video clips, you can retain evidence of criminals.

Always available

The system is reassuring in that it is always on, and always prepared and at the ready in case of an emergency. Even at times when the alarm itself is disabled, the system remains on, and will still keep an eye on activity and send you important alerts, ensuring that all runs smoothly.

I’m convinced, now how do I get it?

To get Megasystems Security smart security system, contact using the form below or call us, and you will receive an expertly installed system, customized to fit your needs, together with a commitment of support in case of any issues.