The Ideal Security Cameras for Commercial Locations

The Ideal Security Cameras for Commercial Locations

Smart commercial security​ cameras​ for ​your business means feeling safe and secure that your business is protected with advanced security ​camera ​technology. When it comes to commercial security ​throughout all industries, whether it be a warehouse, retail, construction, real estate… reliable security cameras are the ​ideal for professional applications, as they provide video surveillance with intelligence, efficiency, and convenience. ​Thanks to a variety and high-quality ​​Megasystems Security cameras meet the high performance and storage requirements of ​all types of commercial projects.​ together With Megasystems Security ​professional guidance​​ and installation, the ​security cameras will be strategically placed​ for the most productive​ results.​

smart security cameras

​Here are a few of the latest surveillance ​technology the Meagasystems has to offer:

Smart tracking cameras

When a moving image appears in the cameras viewing area the camera will follow the moving object. This can include an animal on the loose in a farm or doggy hotel facility. It can include a car entering restricted areas or during after hours. A person walking whether it be an employee or an intruder would be tracked as well.

Starlight cameras

make today’s nighttime security immensely advanced vs the outdated versions. Conditions such as low light, high light, and backlight no longer need to affect your night time vision. Starlight camera technology slows down the electronic shutter increasing low light sensitivity and capturing more light and keeping scenes in color. Night time color vision takes your security up a notch with more accuracy in theft prevention, id recognition, label reading etc. Instead of seeing a blurry black and white picture with some nondescript movement in the background like you would see with your old night vision camera you can now have a clear image of any activity as if it would be daytime.

LPR – License place recognition

Here too the amazing upgrade in technology is unbelievable. Whereas in the past if a car was captured on your screen, in the daytime the license plate may not be visible enough to identify or in the nighttime the lights of the car may completely blind the license plate info. But with today’s LPR technology you can get a perfect image of the license plate every time. Your camera can zoom in and let you know all vehicles that have accessed your property. This is great for identifying intruders but is also invaluable when setting up access control for certain vehicles and wanting to restrict access for others.

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