Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

With the kids off of school and different schedules for everyone in the family, summer can be a great time to really take advantage of your amazing home security alarm system.

Leaving Your Little Ones With A Babysitter Or Nanny

If you’re leaving your little ones with a babysitter or nanny, you have the ability to check in on what is really going on while you’re at work. Your children’s well-being, as well as the safety of your home and possessions, are so important that being able to confirm that the person hired to take care of your kids is being truthful and honest is a wonderful reason to install a great security system.

In Houston, many homes have swimming pools to provide relief from the summer heat. This is wonderful and fun but can also be quite dangerous if proper precautions are not put into place. Homeowners with a pool must consider installing a gate alarm to get notified any time the pool gate has been opened. Tragedies in water happen in a split second so you want to get notifications as soon as the danger is a possibility.

Camera Surveillance

A pool camera surveillance is also a great idea, to be able to see what’s going on in the pool at any time as well as if needed for legal purposes should you, unfortunately, be sued. Another thing to consider is exterior security lights to illuminate the pool at night to make the possibility of danger less likely.
With the kids being home during the summer, it is more likely they will get into things you might not want them to get into. With live video feeds as well as alerts, you can know if they’ve gotten into an off-limits area, whether it be your gun cabinet, your office or any other high-risk location.

Know Where Your Kids Are

Your older kids might be coming and going in and out of the house, with friends and neighbors. You always want to know where your kids are. With each kid having his own personal user code you can keep track on who is home at any given time. You can also see if they’ve brought any friends with them with the video surveillance cameras. This can all be done remotely with mobile monitoring on your phone while running errands or from your computer at work.

Do you like to let your kids and dogs go out and play in the backyard? A surveillance camera, as well as a gate alarm, is a great way to keep tabs on backyard activities while at the same time allowing you the knowledge that they are safe out there.

You might have teenagers who are out with friends late at night or working jobs that brings them back home after dark. The smart home security system helps you, monitor, protect and automate what matters most. You can set up your lights, security, thermostat, and videos to accommodate these night time summer needs.

Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Going away on vacation this summer, what a great way to change your scenery and de-stress. While lying on the beach or trying a highly recommended restaurant, you don’t want to worry about the safety and security of your home. With mobile access, alerts and alarm monitoring in Houston, anything happening in your home can be recorded and monitored and if any suspicious activity happens you can be alerted in a moments notice. Whether it be a low-temperature warning from your thermostat, a water leak, a door, window or gate open, an intruder outside your property etc. this can all be set-up to send you notifications so you can respond as needed and rest assured that while your mind is on blue skies and the breeze in your hair, your property is safely waiting for your return.

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