Home Security System That Makes Our Lives Easier, Safer and More Accessible

Home Security System That Makes Our Lives Easier, Safer and More Accessible

Out with the old and in with the new! A home security alarm system is no longer one dimensional. Today’s Megasystems security powered systems are making our lives easier, safer and more accessible. No longer does a home security system means a loud siren sound when an intruder tries to access your home. Your new wireless home systems give you much more than that, remote monitoring with state of the art cameras to performs multiple functions including windows and doors sensing and thermostat and light control.

Benefits to owning a smart home security system

There are so many benefits to owning a smart home security system in Houston. Using motions sensors, image sensors, as well as door and window sensors and the possibility to be alerted at any time and to be able to monitor all activities in your home even from afar, gives you the freedom of safety even from remote locations.

Non-security options and features

There are many non-security related options and features in our new modern wireless home security systems as well. If you want your home to be the perfect temperature and adjust whenever you need it, the automated and remotely control connected thermostat lets you control your home’s climate with the click of a button, even from distant locations. If you want your lights to operate according to your needs, whether it be when you come home at night and don’t want to be in the dark or when away on vacation and don’t want to make it obvious that there’s no activity in the house. You can program both your thermostat and your lights according to your daily and weekly comings and goings as well as adjust things as needed from remote and distant locations.

Lock and unlock your doors at anytime from anywhere

Another amazing feature in our state of the art systems is the door lock feature. You can check, lock and unlock your doors at any time on your custom build system app. Someone needs to get into your house and you’re not there? No problem, you can unlock the door for them. Your son forgot his key again? No problem, a click of a button on your phone and he’s in. Window sensors, door sensors, and garage door sensors are other greatly useful tools. Get alerts and reminders when these are opened or are left open.

Wireless monitored alarm system adds innumerable benefits

A wireless monitored alarm system adds innumerable benefits to a home. Our smart app gets downloaded on the device of your choice and has a personal login for your safety and security. Every movement in your home can be monitored. Your day to day habits can be recorded to optimize use. The thermostat can be set to your default needs as well as changed at a moments notice as different situations arise. Your lights can be set to suit your regular needs as well. It can also be customized in an instance as needed. You can lock or unlock your doors while away. Your garage door can be opened and closed remotely as well. You can even get alerts if a water leak is detected.

We offer a variety of top of the line security panels with Crash and Smash technology, which means it will still work even if someone tries to break it by smashing the panel. Some features of our security panels include two-way voice so you can respond and communicate during an emergency as well as severe weather alerts which notify you if dangerous conditions are heading to near your home, which allows you to change the settings of your system accordingly.

Amazon Echo Voice Control

Megasystems security can setup Alexa, the Echo’s voice-controlled assistant, to work with your smart home security system and environment control, having the two work together will give you Voice-controlled security (control smart locks and confirm that your home’s smart locks are locked), Voice-controlled comfort (control your Smart Thermostat), Voice-controlled lighting (turning individual lights on and off and even control dimmer lights).

Alexa and your alarm