Why You Should Upgrade to Smart Commercial Security

Why You Should Upgrade to Smart Commercial Security

What is more important than the security of your business? That’s right, nothing. And obviously, you know that. You have alarms on every entry and exit and a security guard at the building’s entrance. You keep that heavy keyring on the same hook in your front hallway every day, right above your bulging black leather attaché case.

Things seem to be under control. But there actually is no way to be sure about that, while using outdated technology. Criminals can easily breach the security of such a system, and never be caught. Thankfully, there is a way to achieve completely stress-free, virtually foolproof commercial security, It’s called it Smart Commercial Security.

Here’s why upgrading to a smart security system can change your life

Always Active

Unlike the old technology, smart security systems are always active. No more reminders or frantic rushing back to the office to set the alarms and make sure all the doors and windows are locked. You can now control the system remotely from any of your devices.


With a smart security system, you can monitor it all from the comfort of your living room armchair. Activate alarms while eating your dinner. Modify access control for selected personnel from your beach chair in Cancun. And when your phone is off, your security system isn’t. When you sleep you can actually rest peacefully for a change, while your CCTV system continues to stand by vigilantly, ready to alert you or if necessary, security forces, in the event of intruders.

Alerts before a situation escalates

Knowing that you’ll be informed of the slightest suspicious activity can give a business owner so much peace of mind. While with old alarm systems, by the time security teams arrive at a business, a lot of damage may have been done, smart security systems can alert you before a situation escalates.

Be In Control

Be in control! whether you’re in the building, or on vacation miles away. You can easily access any video clips of suspicious activity to determine if it is an emergency. You can be aware of every detail of the goings on in your office, down to the temperature in the rooms, which you can adjust to your liking, scheduling the thermostat and restricting the temperature range for employees to adjust.

Lock and unlock doors within the building from your device, you can disable alarms at the touch of a finger. No more pushing hefty buttons, remembering complicated codes, replacing batteries in bulky units. The smooth, seamless process will seem too good to be true.

Worksites On Your Device

In the past, owners of multiple businesses had to organize complex details of each of their businesses in their minds, memorizing all the codes in each one, running back and forth to monitor the situation at each workplace. All that is wholly unnecessary now. You can have as many worksites on your device as you please. You can check on them all at once, you can be notified of any emergencies in any of them at any minute. Especially for owners of businesses a long commute away, this is a life changing adjustment.

No More Keys

Another great thing about this system: no more keys! Remember the stress of losing the key to your workplace? The worry about employees duplicating their keys, or leaving their jobs but taking their keys with them and then needing to change all the locks as a result? That doesn’t exist any longer. With smart security access control, keyless entry for all employees is a breeze. And you can even control which areas each employee may access, as well as adjust that whenever necessary.

Tailor Your Security System

The best part of all this is that you can tailor your security system to your own personal needs. If you don’t want to be alerted about a certain activity, you can easily set the controls to accommodate that. And if you want to allow only certain personnel to access designated areas, you can do that too. If you want temperature controls to adjust themselves on your heating and cooling system at the end of the workday, you can program the thermostat to accommodate that.

With all these features, running your business can become so much more convenient, time-saving, effortless, and “dare we say it” fun.