Choose the Right Commercial Security Partner

Choose the Right Commercial Security Partner

Look for an SMB specialist, technical depth, and stellar customer service

By Guy Mizrahi, President, Megasystems Security

Keeping your facilities secure has never been more challenging. The volume of potential threats increases daily. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, offering you a wider range of possible solutions but also more potential trouble spots. Third parties continually enter and exit this field. You are no expert in these solutions, so what should you look for in a potential partner?

Finding the right equipment is important when deploying a commercial security solution, but what really makes or breaks a deal is partner support. You need someone to help you leverage these systems. Your reseller’ modus operandi needs to mesh with how your business functions. But will it? Here are key areas to examine that will answer that question.

Tight Focus Versus Scattershot Approach

Potential partners range from a One Man Show to a global conglomerate and everything in between. Some resellers market broad products lines with thousands of solutions and sell to corporations ranging in size from a local Mom-and-Pop grocery store to the top members of the Fortune 500. They concentrate on moving inventory (selling boxes) and offer cookie cutter solutions that may not fit with your needs. In certain cases, they will not even offer to work with you if your annual budget is under a certain number. You should find someone, like yourself, a partner that caters to the SMB market, a security solutions provider that sells a limited range of solutions (enough to cover their customers’ range of needs), and tailors each system to that organization.

Depth of Expertise

The tech market is dynamic, so individuals constantly move from company to company. Consequently, large partners continually shuffle employees in and out, which creates inconsistencies in service delivery. You need a partner with employees who have worked together for years rather than months or day. These individuals are well trained and deliver high quality service because they know where the bumps are, and have developed best practices that smooth them out.


Nothing is more frustrating than having a customer support line go dead once a system has been sold. Another irritant is waiting on hold on an 800 line. Even when you get through, you are routed to a person who does not know you and often sits hundreds or thousands of miles away from your business. What is better is local customer service where the support team knows your name as well as how to fix problems. A best practice is working with a security solutions provider who has top technology, so they remotely dial into your system, troubleshoot and find a solution ASAP.

The Right Fit

So where should your evaluation lead you? Megasystems Security is a small, dedicated, family-owned business that focuses on each client and takes the time to know them personally. The Houston-area security solutions provider has been serving businesses for more than two decades. The reason for its success? Satisfied customers, like Calvin Gorriaran: “Megasystems was amazing throughout the whole process from building our estimate to providing timely and quality of installation of equipment.”


About the Author

Guy Mizrahi is a seasoned business and consumer electronics professional with more than two decades of technical and managerial experience. He held various executive positions at top electronics store chains. In 2010, Guy founded Megasystems Security and built the firm into a leading Houston area supplier of high end business and consumer electronics and security solutions.