Why Your Business Needs A Professional Access Control Installation

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Access Control Installation

Give Your Building Security A Boost

Imagine knowing who is entering and leaving your Humble, TX business at all times. This is the peace of mind that a smart access control installation can bring to you. As your employee and building’s safety and protection are your top priority, you want a system that is both reliable and secure.

Give your whole smart security setup a major upgrade with this necessary addition. In this blog, we’ll dive into why this solution is so crucial for your overall system. Keep reading on below to learn more!

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Complete Safe and Secure Access to Your Building

The term “access control,” of course, doesn’t just apply to a smart, digital system. Your typical lock and key setup for any building or house is still considered access control. You’ve probably even heard of standard digital access for companies that hand out keycards or personal keycodes for every person to enter or exit the building.

But “smart” access control operates at another level entirely. Integrating a digital lock and key setup within your whole security system means you are in tune with every area of your company building – and can make immediate changes or take action instantly.

Working with your installed smart surveillance cameras and life safety alarms, your building’s smart locks and keycards will do more than just let you know who is coming and going; they can actively work to keep intruders out and protect your employees.

If someone arrives with an old or invalid keycard, your building’s smart locks will not only open; they can also send signals to the rest of your smart security system. Set up your smartphone or work tablet to get instant notifications and alerts, with surveillance footage ready to review and the ability to sound an alarm right away if need be.

Your designated smart device not on hand at the moment? Then you can set those same alarms to go off automatically and then have the appropriate authorities called, especially if you have a specific keycard or code marked on high alert. Review surveillance footage after the fact, or leisurely check the real-time video on a regular workday, just to keep an eye on every entryway. You’ll have absolute control right in the palm of your hand.

Updated Keycards for Improved Security

While the digital access control concept is very different than it used to be, your employees’ actual cards will likely look the same – a new way of checking who is at your building’s entry points is available. Utilizing smart biometrics, your access control system can analyze an employee by their features – including a fingerprint and retina scan – to identify and ensure who it is entering.

This additional requirement for accessing your building is near impossible to hack and duplicate like a normal lock and key setup and strengthens your company’s overall security. Your system can log who scans and checks in, letting you see who and when someone arrives and leaves, and will, of course, deny anyone who doesn’t have a valid keycard or doesn’t pass the biometrics analysis.

Building Automation Integration

One of the many benefits of smart access control is the ability to integrate it and other office automation technologies within one cohesive security system. For example, as the first employee arrives for the day, your motorized shades can raise up as your lighting begins to brighten slowly and turn on completely. The smart thermostat can adjust to the perfect temperature once again. Then everything can lower and turn off as the last person leaves at the end of the day, all in harmony with your access control’s usage.

This isn’t just convenient; it can also save you energy and lower your bills, as your HVAC and other systems won’t be running when no one is there. Plus, for late-night employees, a well-illuminated space is safer and more comfortable to work in, as the lights staying on until they leave is a guarantee.

A smart access control installation is a must for your company building’s safety and security. Want to learn even more? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!