Security and Surveillance for Your Office or Retail Business

Security and Surveillance for Your Office or Retail Business

How Smart Cameras Keep Your Employees and Building Well Protected at All Times

Owning or running a commercial space has its risks. Your business or company could find itself as the next target of a break-in or burglary at any given time, especially when the building is empty and vulnerable. When it comes to your employees’ and your company’s protection, you don’t want to cut any corners.

Ensure everyone feels safe and well protected day in and day out. A professional security system in place can give you peace of mind – and surveillance cameras are an absolute must.

How best can you optimize this solution for your specific Houston, TX business? Keep reading below to see how surveillance cameras can improve your building’s overall security.

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Keeping an Eye on Your Office Space

Imagine the capability of having 24/7 access to your office’s happenings – whether you’re there or away. With a smart surveillance installation, you can monitor your building in real-time, no matter where you are. Via your smart device, you can watch live footage or record videos for later viewing. If you find yourself traveling a lot or are out of the office for longer periods of time, checking in only takes seconds! As long as you have an internet connection, your smart cameras can provide a live feed.

Checking can be for any hour of day or night as well. See if every lighting fixture has been shut off by your employees and that every door is locked, and the smart alarms are set. You’ll be able to see late-night staff or if the office is empty that day. Your system can send you instant notifications to your smartphone or device to let you know if any motion detectors are set off near entryways and doors. Then you can immediately check the surveillance footage, seeing in real-time what’s going on.

Completely integrate your smart cameras with the rest of your security system (smart locks, alarms, lighting, and more) so that if these sensors are set off, your surveillance can capture the intruder, and your alarms and lights can work to scare anyone away.

Retail Store and Shop Surveillance

Smart surveillance extends its uses to other types of businesses beyond a corporate office. If you run or manage a retail store, then you know that preventing theft is always top of mind. Not only do smart surveillance cameras allow you to keep an eye on every corner of your shop, but you can also review recorded footage to analyze and track traffic patterns throughout your space.

This lets you see where the most congested and crowded areas are. By doing so, you can decide where to place staff and put your merchandise on display while keeping every easily accessible point in mind.

While retail thefts are quite common, innovative commercial surveillance systems don’t just let you view live video; they can also utilize facial detection tech that can analyze and remember different shoplifters. Now you will be able to see if regulars return to your business, and you can continue to keep your setup secure.

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