Essential Features of a Commercial Security System

Essential Features of a Commercial Security System

Gain Peace of Mind with Smart Solutions that Keep Your Company Protected

It’s easy to think of everything that could happen to your company building while it’s unoccupied and you’re away – whether for an extended period of time or even just for the night. From burglaries to elemental disasters, there are endless problems that could arise.

But what if you didn’t have to lend even a single worry to your Houston, TX company’s safety? With a commercial security system in place, you can rest assured that your business is taken care of even when no one is around.

Our team of experts at MegaSystems Security can bring a professional installation to your space so you can gain back peace of mind – and know that your commercial property is well protected at all times.

Want to learn more about a system’s many features and benefits? Keep reading on below.

Building Surveillance Cameras

Imagine being able to check in and see any area of your company building within seconds. With high-end surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout your building’s interiors and exteriors, you can keep an eye on every room and corner.

Controlling your security cameras doesn’t have to be an added stress either! From your smartphone or other preferred smart device, you can pull up real-time footage from your cameras or record video to watch later. Pan, tilt, or zoom the individual cameras right from your device, letting you maximize their reach and ensuring an area never goes unnoticed.

Add in motion detectors, and after-hours or while your building is closed, your sensors can alert your phone immediately with an update on any suspicious movement or activity. Instant notifications let you decide what action to take next or can even call the authorities automatically.

Smart Lock Entry

Keys can often get misplaced or lost. Don’t worry about getting new locks installed every time an employee reports that their key is missing. With keyless entry, your security system grants only you, your employees, and designated guests access to your building.

With special key codes and cars for each person, you can know who is entering and leaving your business at all times. These smart locks are also accessible from your mobile smart device! No matter where you are, you can check in and lock or unlock your entryways for specific clients and guests who might not have a code or access key card. It’s that easy with a smart access control system.

Smart Alarms

You shouldn’t have to wonder if your work information, data, and valuables are vulnerable to thieves every time your offices are left empty and unoccupied. But smart security alarms can deter burglars the moment a window or door is broken down. And the moment an alarm goes off, you’ll get an instant notification sent to your smart device while the authorities have simultaneously been alerted.

Fires are significant threats to your business as well – and not to mention your employees’ safety if they’re there when one could start. Smoke and life safety alarms can sound off the second a spark or smoke is detected.


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